No Man's Sky
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Unstretched HUD, visors and icons for 21:9, 32:9 and 48:9 monitors

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Despite the game offers to pick any resolution via its configuration file, it seems the HUD has not been developped to adapt to any monitor ratio other than 16:9.

This mod has been developped to fix this, recovering correct HUD elements ratio and placing them at the right part of the screen for a correct experience.

21:9 specifics
- I tested this mod for 3440x1440 and scaled down resolutions with the same ratio, so any slightly different ratio might result in little divergences in the HUD item placements
- 1.7 version restores crosshairs fix

32:9 & 48:9 specifics
- Due to the very large display, I removed the bulge effect to avoid impossible to anti-aliase very small HUD curvature
- Due to my impossibility to fine tune HUD lines positions not having a dual/triple screen myself, I had to remove them to get things clean.

Note for both versions:
As this mod kinda cuts, deforms and pastes HUD items, I needed to remove top screen effects. So if you use this mod, no need to use Clean Screen as Clean Screen is already part of this mod. Hazard effects still apply though.

Please also note that even if the HUD is fixed, some other elements still aren't.
Typically, menus and some labels are still stretched.
Each of these elements will need more tests and trials before being fixed.
You can check Kalopsia's Ultrawide Man's Sky which attempted to deal with menus scaling.

History :
v1.7 : mod name has been changed from Unstretched HUD to Ultrawide HUD, restored crosshair fix for 21:9 version
v1.6 : updated for 1.75 game version (Visions)
v1.5 : fixed skewed crosshairs with Kalopsia's Ultrawide Man's Sky mod (21:9 version only)
v1.4 : fixed all visors and most if not all icons scaling for all versions
v1.3 : fixed incorrect 48:9 versions scaling. Added 32:9 version
v1.2 : fixed vignette effect for 21:9 version. Added 48:9 centered and fullscreen versions
v1.1 : fixed stretched scanner aiming reticle and sentinel searching label
v1.0 : original NEXT release

Compatibility :
- You can find if this mod is compatible with latest game version on this page
- This mod modifies the following files :
    - A lot of files in TEXTURES\UI\HUD folder so this mod is not compatible with any mod changing icons and visors