No Man's Sky
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Makes space darker

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This mod is a first step in my attempt to recreate Space Dream.

As this mod is only touching space color, I prefer to release it as a standalone mod that you will be able to combine (or not) with any other mod and that will be eventually integrated into a all-in-one Space Dream again.

So this mod is released in 3 versions :
- a pure black space version
- a black space version keeping original nebulae tint
- a darker space version where space is slightly tinted and nebulae are darker (see the 2nd picture)

It also adds the following changes :
- makes stars visible through nebulae
- makes star size a little more diverse to increase depth
- reduces nebulae pixelization (only minor drwaback : very crisp hauler and fighter cockpit glass highlight)
- includes True Lighting 1.3 to fix infinite sky lighting and tinted filter from closest planet

optional :
- remove space dust and/or space plasma with No Space Dust

Credits :
  black space credits goes to jeveir and Rapta, the original creators of Dark Space

history :
v1.8 : reduces nebulae pixelization
v1.7 : updated for 1.75 game version (Visions)
v1.6 : updated for NEXT 1.70 (The Abyss)
v1.5 : ncludes latest True Lighting 1.3 with planet filter fix
v1.4 : includes a lighting shader improvement added in NEXT 1.63
v1.3 : includes a cloud shadows possible fix introduced in NEXT 1.58
v1.21 : new Darker Space version
v1.2 : includes True Lighting Fix
  fixes remaining space fog being slightly applied to the nebulae version
v1.1 : fixes space fog tint still being fully applied to asteroids/station/ships
v1.0 : original NEXT release

Compatibility :
- You can find if this mod is compatible with latest game version on this page
- This mod is not compatible with LawnReality's Crescent Worlds
If you want to benefit from both, either use Space Dream or do the following :
  - download Crescent Worlds and unzip it
  - only keep the black space compatible version
  - remove the initial "_" from the name of this special .pak file
  - copy any Black Space .pak version and Crescent worlds .pak compatible version in your MOD folder

- This mod modifies the following files :