No Man's Sky

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Drastically reduces asteroid density and increases draw distances.

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1.1 Changes - Resource drops from asteroids have been significantly increased. This should now put the mod on a very similar level to the base game in terms of time spent vs. resources gained.

As requested a version which complete removes all asteroids has also been added.


Some quick and simple edits to decrease the density of asteroids, as well as increasing their draw distances so they no longer appear to materialize out of the ether.

- Spacing between asteroids increased
- Draw distances of asteroids also drastically increased
- Minimum distance from planets pushed out to 50,000 units (was 10,000)
- Asteroids can now surround stations
- Resource drops from asteroids increased to compensate

Should hopefully feel more natural and less like the universe is one giant asteroid soup, although if you run out of fuel you may have to search for a bit longer now depending on your luck - beware!

Not compatible with any other mod which edits /GCSOLARGENERATIONGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN.

Made for NEXT v1.52. 'Clean Space'/'No Space Dust' mods are used in the screenshots - highly recommended.