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Mod that removes Chromatic Aberration, Scanlines and Vignette.

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A Simple mod to remove the Scanlines, Chromatic Aberration and the Vignette has branched out into all of these variants.
Please select only one and Enjoy.

No Chromatic aberration, No Scanlines and No darkening at the top of the screen

[_NoScanlinesNoVignette.pak] No Scanlines and No darkening at the top of the screen, Chromatic aberration still there.

[_JustVignetteGone.pak] Scanlines are still there but no darkening at the top of the screen. -requested by TheMercsAssassin

[_EverythingGoneButVignette.pak] No scanlines, No chroma, only a slight darkening on the top of the screen. -requested by Doc Knox
[_EverythingGoneButVignette-v2-Stronger.pak] Stronger version of other file demonstrating Hazard Vignette.
[_EverythingGoneButVignette-v3-Stockalike.pak] Very slightly weaker than stock Vignette.


Navigate to No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/SHADERCACHE/ and delete all shader cache files or the mod will have no effect.
Place the desired .PAK file (inside the zip file) in the No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder.
If the "MODS" folder don't exist create it. And then delete the "DISABLEMODS.TXT" in the PCBANKS folder or rename it / move it to
another folder. Otherwise no mods will be loaded!

Delete the MODS folder from No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS  and create a text file called "DISABLEMODS.TXT" in No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS

Compatibility Info for Modders
Any mods that change this file will be incompatible with this mod.