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Removes fade effect and gives up to 30% more FPS

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In No Man's Sky, FPS could greatly vary from space to ground, looking up in the sky or down toward ground, flying over land or over water.
So I did several tests, cut down some features and eventualy found this simple but effective one : removing fade effect.

Fade effect is the pixellated effect that somehow blends distant terrain into close terrain when you go toward it.
It does indeed a great job but it also appears to be a quite taxing feature :
 - in vanilla game, I got an average of 60 fps when flying with drops down to 40 fps. On feet, I have 70 fps when looking around.
 - using this mod, I got an average of 70 fps when flying with drops at 50 fps. On feet, I have 90 fps when looking around.

Of course, there's a drawback : terrain, vegetation and objects now pop-up instead of being more or less progressively displayed.
You can check this old video I recorded for Path Finder to make up your mind if it's an issue or not. 

It's ultimately your choice : more FPS or a better display, but for those having low FPS actually, this could bring some fresh air and make them having a much better time playing the game.

So feel free to test this mod and if you get a better game experience, do not hesitate to leave a comment with your vanilla/modded fps. I'm really interested in knowing if this mod could bring the same improvement for everyone playing NMS.

PS : Note that at first launch after "installing" this mod, game loading can be much longuer than usual. It's normal as the game will regenerate more shaders due to the mod. Don't worry, next loading times will be fast again.


- v1.0 : initial version

Compatibility : 
- You can find if this mod is compatible with latest game version on this page
- this mod can't be used along any other mod modifying SHADERS\CODE\COMMON\COMMONFADE.H.BIN file