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Uniformized inventory icon backgrounds

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This mod replaces all inventory item background colors to something a bit more uniformized.

I created this mod because I found that actual item backgrounds lost their meaning with latest updates.
Indeed original game (and game items) was based on the 3 primary colors : red, blue and yellow to quickly notice isotope, silicate and oxide elements.
And this was handy because we needed to select these to refill engines, exosuit and such.
But recent updates automatically offers the correct items to refill when you click on the engine or exosuit so color was becoming useless.
And each new object added in latest updates also have its own background color, bringing a multicolor patchwork of item backgrounds in the inventory.

So I classified things and tested color schemes until I was sufficiently pleased with the result to release the mod.

Here are the classes I made and their corresponding color :
- raw resources and craftable objects : light grey
- key objects like bypass chip or atlas pass : dark grey
- races trade items : dark green
- farmable items : brown
- gazes : blue sky
- end game items : pure black

And the following items keep their original color
- metals : light teal
- trade goods : yellow
- very rare resources : purple

So now, the benefits of this new scheme are as follow :
- a much lighter inventory to look at as there's now only 10 possible background colors.
- game beginnings bring you with "grey" items and the more you play, the more you get background diversity
- farmable items (brown) and gazes (blue sky) are now easy to catch
- quickly catch trade goods from other items on galactic market interfaces
- associated with my 3 other mods, True Flowers, True Crystals and True Metals, icons are self explanatory over the new backgrounds.

So here it is. I hope you will enjoy this mod as much as I enjoy playing with it enabled now.

History : 
1.1 : fixed incorrect freighter warp engine jump distances
1.0 : original release

Compatibility :
- BEWARE : this mod tweaks the main item tables of the game and a lot of other mods are also modifying it. So be sure to check that no other mod is editing the following files to enjoy this mod :

- This mod is not compatible with my original Multi Pass mod but you can download a combined version on Multi Pass page.
- Compatible with Atlas Rises 1.38