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Tired of that ugly warp effect that looks like the universe is puking through a straw onto your face? Me too. Have some WarpCandy.

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WarpCandy - Hyperdrive FX
brought to you by Gaticus Hax

Download: NexusMods

Tired of that ugly warp effect that looks like the universe is puking through a
straw onto your face? Me too. Have some WarpCandy.

WarpCandy is not just a tweak of the vanilla FX. That raisin was dried up.
This is a brand new bag of jellybeans. It rebuilds the hyperdrive warp effect
from the ground up with some sweet new FX and visual enhancements.

WarpCandy comes in a variety of flavours to choose from. Pick your favourite
or switch it up for a tasty treat.

Screenshots do not do the WarpCandy FX any justice.
Check out the videos section on the NexusMods page
or watch on YouTube

- eliminates the 'looking through a straw' effect of the vanilla tunnel
- a brand new high-res model re-designed for new and improved effects
- all new, higher-res textures for greater variety and less scrolling repition
- more texture layers for richer FX with better depth, parallax scrolling and
other visual complexity

There are currently 4 flavours available:
- Dark (A classic, dark warp effect)
- Nebulon (Blast through the Orion nebula)
- Matrix (Hax your way through the NMS digital universe)
- Alien Enema (Hitch a ride in the bowels of an inter-dimensional space whale)

I have some more ideas cooking still but suggestions/requests are also welcome.
Keep in mind that there are limits to what can be done without a lot more work.
- I can't fix the abrupt transition when entering and exiting warp.
- I can't reproduce the Star Wars, elastic warp effect.
- I can't reproduce anything like the Interstellar warp, yet. WarpCandy v2?
- Yes! I can probably do the Spaceballs ludicrous (plaid) warp. It's on the list.

Other modders are welcome to use the assets to make your own WarpCandy FX
that you can share however you like, with proper credit to Gaticus Hax.
Send me a link and I'll include it on the WarpCandy page at NexusMods.

Choose ONE of the WarpCandy flavours from the MAIN FILES category in the
NexusMods page downloads section.

If you've never installed a mod before, be sure to:
- create the GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS\ directory

Unzip the mod and put the pak file in GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS\


WarpCandy is designed to have a minimal footprint in the vanilla assets to
minimize potential conflicts.

The only vanilla asset that is modified is:

WarpCandy uses some custom shaders. Shaders are different than typical
vanilla assets, having much more ways to potentially conflict between mods.
Although the WarpCandy shaders are unique from the vanilla shaders, they are
still dependent. There will not be any direct shader file conflicts
but other shader mods in different files may make general changes that
could effect WarpCandy, never the other way around though.

In the small chance you have problems with WarpCandy because of another
shader mod then rename one of the two mods so that WarpCandy is loaded
before the other mod.

Curious how we mod all this cool stuff? Come find us on the modding discord
and we'll show you! New modders are always welcome and the folks over here are
always helful and friendly.

Be sure to give a shout out to @monkeyman192 for all his hard work on
MBINCompiler. Without him, NONE of the mods in NMS would be possible.

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