About this mod

My goal and inspiration has been a cross between E3-style nostalgia with a modern vibe but linked to the initial game's aesthetic with a few rare exceptions. To not stray away from the original game's intended lore and style and to not break the "No Man's Sky" vibe, but to enhance the game in nearly every way.

Permissions and credits
No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul (Immersion Update)

- Coming Soon

Expect *Rare* Bugs:
This is an entire game overhaul, that has been made on an extremely large scale within tens of thousands of files. Please report any rare issues. All crashes should be ironed out in the *Immersion Update*. If you happen to find any bugs, please report it via the "BUGS" section on NexusMods and I'll be eager to iron it out.

If you happen to discover a rare crash while flying down towards a planet, and your game happens to be saved in that system; then please report the following by doing this:
Press Windows+R on your keyboard. When the run dialog opens, type %Appdata% and then click "OK.
A window will popup inside of your computers %Appdata% directory, and inside of their will be a folder titled "HelloGames". Please zip that file and upload it. Preferably google drive. This way, I can load your save and fix the crash directly. :)

Looking for a changelog?
This is an entire game overhaul on a massive scale that is also aimed to be as close to vanilla as possible. There are millions of changes to the base game. A massive changelog would not suffice, it would be too time-consuming to write (I would never get anything done if I logged every single thing I did by the minute almost 22 hours a day of consistently working on it), and very few people would likely read it. If you're curious about what this mod is, refer to "About.txt" or the main Overhaul Mod page.
However, if there are any specific questions... feel free to ask, and I'll answer on the fly.
- RaYRoD

What is "No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul"?

I'm an avid fan of Hello Game's No Man's Sky, who also loves to re-work No Man's Sky... who like many others has looked forward to the game since its reveal in 2013 and has remained to this day. I play on the PS4 and on the PC. I love No Man's Sky, and I fully support Hello Games. They have a true dedication to their community. What I do is merely a fan project done out of passion and inspiration. I look forward to seeing No Man's Sky continue to become the game which we've always desired it to be, hopefully, grounded on E3 trailers and the original vision that caught the hearts and attention of many people.

There is so much content within NMS that already exists and isn't utilized within the files that could be fully fleshed out with given time and dedication (despite some things that we could really benefit from HG's for), that would transform this game.
My personal ambition is to take what Hello Games' has already made and improve it and also add my own touch as a gameplay design artist. To take what is not used, to fully flesh it out, and to push No Man's Sky to its limits... in its current state. To fill in every gap that I can find, that can be filled in its current state or to improve what's already here and what has already been improved by HG's to a higher standard. Including unfinished (and other likely not seen or found assets). To study them, plan what I will do with them, and then incorporate them into the game creatively and then make detailed adjustments to those mechanics... in order to complement the base game.... while also adding my own touch. I have incorporated some things into the game that's not from the base game as well, here and there.
However... primarily I want to see what's already existing for us (which is much more than most would expect) fully ironed out. It's not just the big things, but the small things that matter. Every detail matters. This is personally why I take so long with the things I work on. As it's possible to make/add things that are really flashy and in your face... and that's it. But what NMS would also VERY MUCH benefit from is seeing what we already have access to, but don't really have utilized, (that would make a dramatic difference whether they be very little mechanics or very large mechanics) ironed out and implemented in a pleasing way. After the core game is enhanced/polished; then comes the extra toppings.
I am gradually polishing RaYRoD's Overhaul up to an industry standard. My standard is high and my expectations are strict. In the end, I don't want it to feel modded and for the most part (as I think so and I've heard just the same from many other people + testers) is that the overhaul mod doesn't really feel modded, although it's modded as heck.... as it gives the vibe of a cross between early E3 footage, later recorded pre-release footage, and all modern versions of the game up to Atlas Rises and Atlas Rises content revamped... plus my own touch. More-so a custom build. There are some exceptions that I'd be willing to settle for. As time goes by... it will begin to look more and more like the trailers and eventually surpass it. After it surpasses that, then I will surpass what surpassed the trailers. I feel that some moments already do. But I'm working on a good balance for those moments.

Believe it or not, RaYRoD's Overhaul already has thousands of pre-release mechanics that never made the base game that has been promised. You see, the mod enables these things and assures you that it's really out there and possible; thus giving exploration incentive with handcrafted, yet procedural variety to motivate you to keep going... alongside an actual gameplay overhaul. I don't like to oversaturate things. I also don't like sloppy things. My OCD can't handle it... plus sloppy = low effort. Low effort = lazy.

Nearly every single aspect of the game has been overhauled with it. Every changelog that I've listed were only brief explanations of some key features/changes but I lost count after v1.1 prior to v1.2, v1.3, v1.4, - v9.9 and the thousands of pre-public v10 Overhaul BETA's and thousands of post-public v10 BETA'S.
It's on the scale of 100+ updates to NMS and it's planned to be continued. However, Some things likely require *official tools* from HelloGames to do of course (that we lack).

The former v10 overhaul heavily downgraded compared to the new version *Immersion Update* to RaYRoD's Overhaul that is a work in progress. The *Immersion Update* will take things further and iron out crucial issues. It will be like the v10 overhaul overhauled. 

There are indeed many, many, things that I have had planned for a long time and have just gotten to work on or have not gotten around to yet that I won't speak of as I prefer to save these things for surprise (like the many things already in there that likely have not been found). There are also going to be many more things that I will do in the future, as I develop more ideas and continue to receive user feedback.

RaYRoD's Overhaul will become far more refined and heavily upgraded as I continue to build onto it. 
I slipped away for a very long time to non-stop work on a major Overhaul update; that I'm actually working on still as I write this. I've been around 4 months into working on it while consistently upgrading it every day, adding new game mechanics, new features, restoring various mechanics shown at E3, IGN, and other pre-release events... alongside unseen pre-release mechanics. It can be very time consuming though, but I've been working on it as quickly, carefully, and efficiently as possible within often 24-hour, 48-hour, 72-hour, durations. There was also that time that I worked on it for 7 days without sleep. Many of the countless (not mentioned) features in the mod originated from ideas that I had; which were said to be theoretically not feasible with NMS in its current state but I've managed to find a way through time, studying, creativity and determination.

However, I've barely scratched the surface of all that I am planning to do. The Overhaul mod was birthed when I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream of working on a MOD from the game and compiled a giant *todo list* on my IPhone via notepad which all came to fruition. Every update to the mod is birthed from a new *todo list* of user recommended features and personally envisioned features.

Many of the hours I've spent on NMS has been for coding and scripting things for NMS, real-time executable hacking, bug fixing, refining various aspects of my projects, adding content and new mechanics to the game, alongside other various forms of research within certain game mechanics... and the engine in general. A lesser amount of that time has also been spent playing NMS.

Most of my time is actually spent outside of the game creating content for the game and also seeking to fully flesh out original base game content.
So, in totality, I'm a bit over 10,000 hours of working with NMS since early 2013 (as I've been forming ideas for re-working No Man's Sky prior to its release in mid-2016, as re-working games is what I do for a living, and as a hobby as a gameplay design artist)... while toggling in-between other non-NMS related projects that I work on, on the side. 

My perspective on 3rd party assets (custom models):
Some fellow friends/modders are skilled and are adding new "wild/creative content" to the game which is cool, and I truly respect them, for their time and effort invested into doing what interests them and I like to use some of their work at times...
* For the past two years... I've been investing 98% of my time, into refining Hello Game's game. You know, that game that gives you the vibe of walking in a painterly 80's sci-fi novel, but here's the catch, with HelloGames stamp on it. I'm pushing their official content to its limits in a lore-focused way... out of passion and inspiration for (not the the 2017 version of NMS) but the E3 2013 version of No Man's Sky that Hello Game's formerly had going on, while also continuing onto what they initially envisioned for their own product creatively with in-game assets; while keeping Hello Game's modern improvements. The very same vision that caught the hearts/interests of many people and motivated those many people to buy the game in the beginning, and also a major reason as to why many people are coming back to the game primarily for the Atlas Rises update, secondly for the "Overhaul Mod", and thirdly for other mods. I am pushing No Man's Sky to its limits, to it's full potential... in its current state with what's feasible; which is more than what nearly all people have cared enough to take on the burden of doing to this extent with this exact vision. 
So at the end of the day... big and flashy things added to the game can be nice (and I'm not knocking any of those things), but I'm re-working NMS into a refined, fleshed out, product, while keeping HelloGame's vision that was in tandem with the birth/reveal of No Man's Sky intact, and also packing it with as much substance and love as possible. Prior to polishing it up to a high-quality standard; so that it doesn't even feel modded, but rather a replica of the 2013 vision.
When someone is painting a picture of something that they envision, you'd imagine that it takes time... and prior to it's finished, there may be some things about it that will need refining until it meets their expectation. Well, it's the same with this. By the time it's done, it will not only be a near close replica, or an actual replica, or better than what once was envisioned... but it will be a refined version No Man's Sky with Hello Games' 2013 stamp on it. Even if it's a fan project. I'm not ready to move onto "new content" until ALL of the content that's already here is cranked up several notches. There is always room for improvement."

*Additional credits are included in documentation within the download and also on this page.*

How I am The Handcrafting Procedural Biomes:

RaYRoD's Overhaul already has a lot of E3 biomes and other pre-release biomes. I've been converting incompatible E3 and other pre-release preset planets and porting them to the standard base game biome format (while also updating them with a lot of testing as some things just aren't stable due to a lack of certain settings that can't be ported over to the modern game due to certain limitations), and also doing further improvisation throughout the new standard game's filesystem hierarchy in regard to other pre-set settings for the particular pre release biome type(s)... in order to replicate the actual setting/vibe that was used by HG when they recorded it.
However, that only applies to those E3 specific or other pre-release biomes alone, and I'll be doing a lot more of those.
When it comes to other non E3 or non-pre-release biomes I'll elaborate on that too... as it's totally different:
Handcrafting biomes the way that I choose to isn't necessarily "simple" as a lot of people think. It can be fairly simple to add an extra biome to get loaded, but creating something identical from the ground up on the basis of an "empty flat planet template" in accordance to what you specifically visualize in your mind with 100% accuracy... to work consistently for the in-game procedural universe is extremely complex, and requires a lot of detailed insight in regard to how different things in-game and in the files function; so that when you design your xml based input with designated rules and algorithms that you set with a purpose, you get the expected output that you've visualized.
I often use pre-release photos or pre-release trailers as concept art, study the files, and creatively find ways to manifest what I'm visualizing in my mind and also creatively implement it into the game within hours of testing and refining.

When I read the XML's I'm able to see how it will look in-game before I load up the game in my mind at this point. It's like I'm painting a picture. An example of that is a "Spooky Biome" that I made for Cobra TV in a few hours. I had an image in my mind and I brought it to life exactly how I saw it in my mind, in exact detail, in a few hours.There are other ways that I also do biomes, and I'm still studying the files and looking for more ways that I can creatively do things... and I'm nowhere near done.
Also, when it comes to "E3 Vibes" or other "Pre-release Vibes" that requires more than biomes
It also required me to rework thousands of files, a bit of GLSL shader coding, custom textures, studying pre-release files, studying pictures and old trailers, knowing certain details and mechanics that were planned or existed pre-release (since I've been watching since 2013), and lots of other stuff.
A lot of other things required me to search through the executable to get certain information, and also testing through hacking the executable in real time...
And there's a lot more to it... but those are a few things that I did in like 3-4 months, but I've been doing a lot more dating back to early 2016.
I've also converted tons of assets from every released former version of No Man's Sky + more to Atlas Rises format. As said on the "About.txt". Meaning... 2016, 3 alternate 2016 versions, foundation, Pathfinder, various alternate pathfinder versions, Atlas Rises, Alternate Atlsises rises versions, much more. etc...
The secret ingredients to what I do is passion and inspiration.

I fully support Hello Games:

I love No Man's Sky, and I fully support Hello Games. This is a merely a fan project. I look forward to seeing No Man's Sky continue to become the game which we've always desired it to be, hopefully, grounded on E3 trailers and the original vision that caught the hearts and attention of many people. They have a true dedication to their community. 

A few things to expect with this mod:

A *few* of the *countless* things that you will experience with this mod are... a complete visual overhaul, re-enabled and re-created pre-release features by me, over 12,600 handcrafted procedural biomes made by me, with rules and algorithms *that have been tested one by one* with research, inspiration, passion, and creativity to ensure that they all meet a beautiful quality standard and are stable, every version of No Man's Sky that ever existed has been converted to *Atlas Rises* format and is imported into the game with this mod. (This means that every bit of lost content from all versions of the game now exists in here, thus taking exploration incentive up HUGE notch), E3 biomes re-imported and re-created, additional E3 biomes combined with other biomes that I've made, an ecology overhaul (read the changelog for full details),  a massive terrain overhaul comprised of 10 different terrain overhauls that I've made (I re-wrote the game's terrain generation from scratc), More intense and dynamic "E3 Style" weather and storms across all biomes (Major fog adjustments, Major height fog adjustments, major depth of field adjustments, Major opacity and speed adjustments and other things (depending on the kind of weather that occurs), expanded color palettes (The color palettes from every version of the game exist in here giving the possibility for infinite color variety), and hundreds of thousands of more enhancements and surprises that are really too much to write or talk about. My suggestion is... check it out for yourself. I don't want to spoil it. :)

Compatibility and modularity:

No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul is a singular mod on a large scale, that has always meant to be used as a standalone. There have always been a few modular components that have come with it. If there is something that you don't like, kindly let me know and I can whip up a quick hotfix for you to your liking.

My biome overhaul is integrated into it, but they are actually one of the same with the overhaul. 90% of my biome overhaul (that contains over 12,600 procedural biomes with rules and algorithms) requires the full overhaul to function the way that it does... therefore,
this is all ONE MOD and will not be isolated. This is not compatible with diverse environments, however... you don't need to use it with this... as my mod keeps the vanilla and default planets in the game... but allows for extremely varied and wild, alien, yet "non-immersion breaking planets to exist" within the No Man's Sky Universe. I would like to clarify again, that I am adding content. I am adding biomes. I am creating content on the scale of full updates, rather than replacing things. I'm expanding this game. So that we can have a bit of everything... as long as it fits a certain quality standard. This mod alters almost everything. I'm also against "sloppy, low effort work".

- If you have any compatibility questions or requests... let me know.  If there is something that you don't like or would like changed... let me know and I'll make a hotfix for you. I would be glad to help... and I may just tailor make something for you to your own personal preference... given that it's reasonable... and because I can.


No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul been heavily optimized for the new Immersion Update. It should be close to vanilla/unmodded, yet it has been reported to run better than vanilla/unmodded.

My Specs:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Amp Extreme!, 16GB Ram, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4960X CPU @ 3.60GHz (12 CPUs) ~3.6GHz, Samsung 256GB SDD, 8TB HDD, Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

A special thanks to these people:

Sean Murray of Hello Games:
For supporting this mod and the modding community

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku.com

Click Here to read

* Shaun Prescott, Christopher Livingston of PCGAMER -  http://www.pcgamer.com:


John Papadopoulos of http://www.dsogaming.com

Source 1:
Click Here to read 

Source 2:
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Source 3:
Click Here to read

Catrina Dennis of Comicbook.com


Vic Hood of pcgamesn.com


Bree Royce of massivelyop.com


A few other articles:

Thanks for taking the time to write articles about my overhaul mod.

* Cover photo and Video Watermark by Stoian @Flameblind

* COBRA TV - For being a great support and friend (in the midst of plotted attacks) from a few people aiming to prevent me from
releasing my latest work.

Cobra TV's Youtube:

Cobra TV's Twitter:


Explore NMS community:
Thanks for the kind words and support as always :)

Explore NMS Website:

* LPlaysGaming - For taking the time to record a video series of this mod and share it :)

L Plays Gaming Youtube:

L Plays Gaming Twitter:

* MZK - He did a cool video series on this mod, thanks for the shoutouts. :)

MZK's Youtube:

MZK's Twitter:

Additional Credits:

Some screenshots with RaYRoD's Ovehaul have been taken by AssasinsSteed11/Oppressor11

After remaking/configuring UI content through the executable in real time to remake the modernized E3 2013 HUD over 605x, several texture edits, and with much help from Stoian/@flameblind for the new refined HUD textures. The nightmare's over. We also got a glass effect working" - Via @RaYRoD_TV  - https://twitter.com/RaYRoD_TV/status/968531917242028032

Image 1: https://i.imgur.com/kx7BDlr.png - Image 2: https://i.imgur.com/NpBtnUd.png

Stoian: For helping out with the new, E3 Inventory

Lo2k - For granting me permission to use his shaders, to re-work some of them, and also for helping me with one of the shaders that I setup for the transparent binoculars.

Krem - For converting specific 3rd party "custom ships" into .nms format and granting me permission to add them in alongside the holographic ship hud, also for helping me with some of the custom ships that I've assembled.
Shaidak - His awesome biomes are included (with his permission) alongside my 1k handcrafted procedural biomes with rules and algorithms
WinderTP - For granted me permission to import contents from Eucli-ea into my existing base building mod
JovianStone - Glowing Crystals
Darconizer - His biomes are included (with his permission and at his request) alongside my 4k handcrafted procedural biomes
willythesealstroker - For touching up the health icon swirls on my E3 HUD
Monkeyman192 - For helping me setup the starship swapper for the first time, and for being awesome always updating the MBINCOMPILER for the modding community.
Ket - For the research on the Omegon Fix and a few fixes in the RewardTable.
Gmr_Leon - For helping me fix the planetary name on my E3 2013 HUD :)
Nyxara - For The Language Fix :)

A special thanks to these major v10 update private beta testers who have been helpful in reporting bugs so and giving feedback so that I could get this ready for release:

Cody Roesch
Luis A Figueroa
Charles-Atoine Valois
JacenHajna Wo'ash

Credits for some of the 3rd party custom ships that have been converted and imported:

- Evil Gravity:
    Ship Credit: SKConcepts
    - Source: https://sketchfab.com/models/81df395b295643ea85c13b4d085a7dd7

    HUD Cockpit: Kremit DeFrog

- Wipeout Feisar:
    Ship Credit: vertexus
- Source: https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-models/vehicle/sci-fi/feisar-ship

- Gryphon-Class Warp Fighter:
    Ship Credit: Andrew Gillespie (Design), GK Designs (Design), Auctor Lucan (Model) & Omardex (Model)
- Source: https://sketchfab.com/models/9c576eca673a453d80c80c88c2622ca5

- Millennium Falcon:
    Ship Credit: albertomarun
- Source: https://sketchfab.com/models/d2be38faf4124fb9839853bedce5bcce

- Voot Cruiser (Voot Runner will come later):
    Ship Credit: tailsplayfun
- Source: https://sketchfab.com/models/79c10971895a4c4da41af26c39b1cde6