About this mod

My goal and inspiration has been a cross between E3-style nostalgia with a modern vibe but linked to the initial game's aesthetic with a few rare exceptions. To not stray away from the original game's intended lore and style and to not break the "No Man's Sky" vibe, but to enhance the game in nearly every way.

Permissions and credits
No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul v10 (BETA)

Expect Rare Issues:
Please keep in mind that there may still be some rare issues with this BETA that I am ironing out. There may be rare crashes (All known rare crashes have been fixed). Bug reports are extremely helpful. There may also be some things that are subject to change (depending upon beta tester request and recommendation). I would greatly appreciate any bug reports if you find any so that I can ensure a great experience with this mod by the time that it's fully polished and ready for an official post-beta release. 

What is "No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul"?

No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul is not a community "mod pack". However, this is a MAJOR  "personal fan project" birthed out of pre release footage inspiration, with a few contributed components. I have been consistently working on this *game overhaul* since early 2016 behind closed doors, in which this fan project has consisted of over 6000 hours of work... in-between studying the game's filesystem, executable memory, creating content, testing content, enhancing the game's experience in numerous ways, and using E3 trailers as concept art to re-create them after doing in-depth research of the game's filesystem and also data mining. From 2016 to this very day, almost all of my time has been invested into studying how this awesome game which was originally delivered to us by Hello Game's works... and thinking of ways that I can fully replicate E3 footage in the trailers, enhance the game's experience, and creatively add content to the game from my own imagination. Many of the things in here that I have accomplished, were theoretically not do-able, but I found a way to do it with time and dedication. Making this has cost me a lot of lack of sleep, and actually painful to my eyes. However, I do not regret the outcome of it. Regarding the surprises and hyper E3 nostalgia that is possible "only with this mod"...  I don't want to spoil those things... therefore, I would rather let you experience it for yourself as you explore in-game. Every update for this mod, since 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 ,1.3 1.4 - v9.9 and the thousands of pre-public v10 BETA's alongside the several post post-public v10 Beta's, all the way until now has been on a "large scale" in my journey of shaping this game into the game that I personally desire it to be. Bug reports on previous versions of this mod, and also from v10 update beta testers have been helpful in improving this gigantic singular mod. I've decided to share my work with everyone. 

*Additional credits are included in documentation within the download and also on this page.*

How I am make biomes:

My mod already has a lot of E3 biomes, and other pre-release biomes. I've been converting incompatible E3 and other pre-release preset planets and porting them to the standard base game biome format (while also updating them with a lot of testing as some things just aren't stable due to a lack of certain settings that can't be ported over to the modern game due to certain limitations), and also doing further improvisation throughout the new standard game's filesystem hierarchy in regard to other pre-set settings for the particular pre release biome type(s)... in order to replicate the actual setting/vibe that was used by HG when they recorded it.

However, that only applies to those E3 specific or other pre-release biomes alone, and I'll be doing a lot more of those.

When it comes to other non E3 or non pre release biomes I'll elaborate on that too... as it's totally different:
Handcrafting biomes the way that I choose to isn't necessarily "simple" as a lot of people think. It can be fairly simple to add an extra biome to get loaded, but creating something identical from the ground up on the basis of an "empty flat planet template" in accordance to what you specifically visualize in your mind with 100% accuracy... to work consistently for the in-game procedural universe is extremely complex, and requires a lot of detailed insight in regard to how different things in-game and in the files function; so that when you design your xml based input with designated rules and algorithms that you set with a purpose, you get the expected output that you've visualized.
I often use pre release photos, or pre release trailers as concept art, study the files, and creatively find ways to manifest what I'm visualizing in my mind and also creatively implement it into the game within hours of testing and refining.

When I read the xml's I'm able to see how it will look in-game before I load up the game in my mind as this point. It's like I'm painting a picture. An example of that is a "Spooky Biome" that I made for Cobra TV in a few hours. I had an image in my mind and I brought it to life exactly how I saw it in my mind, in exact detail, in a few hours.
There are other ways that I also do biomes, and I'm still studying the files and looking for more ways that I can creatively do things... and I'm nowhere near done.

Also, when it comes to "E3 Vibes" or other "Pre release Vibes" that requires more than biomes
It also required me to re work thousands of files, a bit of glsl shader coding, custom textures, studying pre release files, studying pictures and old trailers, knowing certain details and mechanics that were planned or existed pre release (since I've been watching since 2013), and lots of other stuff.
A lot of other things required me to search through the executable to get certain information, and also testing through hacking the executable in real time...
And there's a lot more to it... but those are a few things that I did in like 3-4 months, but I've been doing a lot more dating back to early 2016.
I 've also converted tons of asset's from every released former version of No Man's Sky + more to Atlas Rises format. As said on the "About.txt". Meaning... 2016, 3 alternate 2016 versions, foundation, path finder, alternate path finder versions, Atlas Rises, Alternate Atlsises rises versions, much more. etc...
The secret ingredients to what I do is passion and inspiration.

My goal and inspiration has been a cross between E3-style nostalgia with a modern vibe but linked to the initial game's aesthetic with a few rare exceptions. To not stray away from the original game's intended lore and style and to not break the "No Man's Sky" vibe, but to enhance the game in nearly every way.... while keeping it close to vanilla as possible.

I am bringing those nostalgic "much desired by many people" E3 quality trailers to reality with this mod but re-working
things for consistency the procedural in-game universe, gradually upon
every beta update.

I fully support Hello Games:

I love No Man's Sky, and I fully support Hello Games. This is a merely a fan project. I look forward to seeing No Man's Sky continue to become the game which we've always desired it to be, hopefully, grounded on E3 trailers and the original vision that caught the hearts and attention of many people. They have a true dedication to their community. 

A few things to expect with this mod:

A *few* of the *countless* things that you will experience with this mod are... a complete visual overhaul, re-enabled and re-created pre-release features by me, over 3,800 different handcrafted procedural biomes made by me, with rules and algorithms *that have been tested one by one* with research, inspiration, passion, and creativity to ensure that they all meet a beautiful quality standard and are stable, every version of No Man's Sky that ever existed has been converted to atlas rises and imported into the game with this mod. (This means that every bit of lost content from all versions of the game now exists in here, thus taking exploration incentive up HUGE notch), E3 biomes re-imported and re-created, additional E3 biomes combined with other biomes that I've made, an ecology overhaul (read the changelog for full details),  a terrain overhaul by me (I re-wrote the game's terrain over 15 times manually about 700k lines of xml to create a nearly infinite variety of terrain), More intense and dynamic "E3 Style" weather and storms across all biomes (Major fog adjustments, Major height fog adjustments, major depth of field adjustments, Major opacity and speed adjustments and other things (depending on the kind of weather that occurs), expanded color palettes (The color palettes from every version of the game exist in here giving the possibility for infinite color variety), and hundreds of thousands of more enhancements and surprises that are really too much to write or talk about. My suggestion is... check it out for yourself. I don't want to spoil it. :)

Bug reports are welcome, helpful, and much appreciated:

Bugs may happen, I expect them. You should too. Hopefully, there won't be any. Prior to releasing the v10 update of this mod... I had a lot of private beta testers who have been very kind to report issues so that I could fix them on spot. If you encounter any issues please report them to me. Also, if you encounter any bug issues and report them to me, please post a screenshot of your MODS folder. Also, this mod is intended to be used as a standalone. Therefore, if you are using other mods with the overhaul... you're more than likely going to encounter issues. In this scenario, sending a screenshot of your MODS folder is also helpful. Please also keep in mind that this is my personal setup and mod, that I tailor made primarily for myself... so if you encounter issues, I prefer to fix them before actually playing myself.  As, I personally can't enjoy the game knowing that there's a problem with my setup that needs fixing.

You can report bugs by sending me an email at  
[email protected]

Compatibility and modularity:

No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul is a singular mod on a large scale, that has always meant to be used as a standalone. There have always been a few modular components that have come with it. If there is something that you don't like, kindly let me know and I can whip up a quick hotfix that for you to your liking.

My biome overhaul is integrated into it, but they are actually one of the same with the ovewrhaul. 90% of my biome overhaul (that contains over 4000 procedural biomes with rules and algorithms) requires the full overhaul to function the way that it  does... therefore,
this is all ONE MOD. This is not compatible with diverse environments, however... you don't need to use it with this... as my mod keeps the vanilla and default planets in the game... but allows for extremely varied and wild, alien, yet "non-immersion breaking planets to exist" within the No Man's Sky Universe. I would like to clarify again, that I am adding content. I am adding biomes. I am creating content on the scale of full updates, rather than replacing things. I'm expanding this game. So that we can have a bit of everything... as long as it fits a certain quality standard. This mod alters almost everything. I'm also against "sloppy, low effort work".

- If you have any compatibility questions or requests... let me know.  If there is something that you don't like or would like changed... let me know and I'll make a hotfix for you. I would be glad to help... and I may just tailor make something for you to your own personal preference... given that it's reasonable... and because I can.
I simply want to push No Man's Sky to its limits and to see this game become more of the dream game that we who love No Man's Sky are continuing to see it's potential meated out.


No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul been reported to run well on mid end computer rigs, but I suspect that for some people it may be very taxing... considering all of the enhancements. This mod may require a beefy machine.

On my end, I usually have a solid 60fps on average, and sometimes even higher with my computer rig
My Specs:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Amp Extreme!, 16GB Ram, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4960X CPU @ 3.60GHz (12 CPUs) ~3.6GHz, 8TB HDD, Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit

- More Optimizations will be made in the future. This is still a BETA.

A special thanks to these people:

Sean Murray of Hello Games:
For supporting this mod and the modding community

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku.com

Click Here to read

* Shaun Prescott, Christopher Livingston of PCGAMER -  http://www.pcgamer.com:


John Papadopoulos of http://www.dsogaming.com

Source 1:
Click Here to read 

Source 2:
Click Here to read

Source 3:
Click Here to read

Catrina Dennis of Comicbook.com


Vic Hood of pcgamesn.com


Bree Royce of massivelyop.com


A few other articles:

Thanks for taking the time to write articles about my overhaul mod.

* Cover photo and Video Watermark by Stoian @Flameblind

* COBRA TV - For being a great support and friend (in the midst of plotted attacks) from a few people aiming to prevent me from
releasing my latest work.

Cobra TV's Youtube:

Cobra TV's Twitter:


Explore NMS community:
Thanks for the kind words and support as always :)

Explore NMS Website:

* LPlaysGaming - For taking the time to record a video series of this mod and share it :)

L Plays Gaming Youtube:

L Plays Gaming Twitter:

* MZK - He did a cool video series on this mod, thanks for the shoutouts. :)

MZK's Youtube:

MZK's Twitter:

Additional Credits:

Lo2k - For granting me permission to use his shaders, to re-work some of them, and also for helping me with one of the shaders that I setup for the transparent binoculars.

Krem - For converting specific 3rd party "custom ships" into .nms format and granting me permission to add them in alongside the holographic ship hud, also for helping me with some of the custom ships that I've assembled.
Shaidak - His awesome biomes are included (with his permission) alongside my 1k handcrafted procedural biomes with rules and algorithms
WinderTP - For granted me permission to import contents from Eucli-ea into my existing base building mod
JovianStone - Glowing Crystals
Darconizer - His biomes are included (with his permission and at his request) alongside my 4k handcrafted procedural biomes
willythesealstroker - For touching up the health icon swirls on my E3 HUD
Monkeyman192 - For helping me setup the starship swapper for the first time, and for being awesome always updating the MBINCOMPILER for the modding community.
Ket - For the research on the Omegon Fix and a few fixes in the RewardTable.

A special thanks to these major v10 update private beta testers who have been helpful in reporting bugs so and giving feedback so that I could get this ready for release:

Cody Roesch
Luis A Figueroa
Charles-Atoine Valois
JacenHajna Wo'ash

Credits for some of the 3rd party custom ships that have been converted and imported:

- Evil Gravity:
    Ship Credit: SKConcepts
    - Source: https://sketchfab.com/models/81df395b295643ea85c13b4d085a7dd7

    HUD Cockpit: Kremit DeFrog

- Wipeout Feisar:
    Ship Credit: vertexus
- Source: https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-models/vehicle/sci-fi/feisar-ship

- Gryphon-Class Warp Fighter:
    Ship Credit: Andrew Gillespie (Design), GK Designs (Design), Auctor Lucan (Model) & Omardex (Model)
- Source: https://sketchfab.com/models/9c576eca673a453d80c80c88c2622ca5

- Millennium Falcon:
    Ship Credit: albertomarun
- Source: https://sketchfab.com/models/d2be38faf4124fb9839853bedce5bcce

- Voot Cruiser (Voot Runner will come later):
    Ship Credit: tailsplayfun
- Source: https://sketchfab.com/models/79c10971895a4c4da41af26c39b1cde6

Changelogs (This is a brief overview of some key features only, as there's simply too many changes to type. There's at-least hundreds of thousands).

v10-1.9.4 BETA - Performance Fix, More Crucial Fixes
- The FPS performance fix that I recently incorporated had unintentionally been deleted from the overhaul mod on the previous BETA. It is now re-implemented. Expect a FPS boost.
- Very Crucial Crash fixes
- Ecology Fixes
- Biomes now make sense (No more lush biomes on radioactive planets or anything of the sort). However, things will still be varied and nothing is lost.
- Temperature fixes

v10- BETA - CRUCIAL Hotfixes

- Fixed a (flying down to a planet) crash that occurred due to a missing file (Please report back if you encounter anymore, thanks!)
- GLSL shader fixes

v10- BETA
- The FPS performance fix that I recently incorporated had unintentionally been deleted from the overhaul mod on the previous BETA. It is now re-implemented. Expect a FPS boost.
- Very Crucial Crash fixes
- Ecology Fixes
- Biomes now make sense (No more lush biomes on radioactive planets or anything of the sort). However, things will still be varied and nothing is lost.
- Temperature fixes

v10- BETA - Crucial Hotfixes
- Fixed a (flying down to a planet) crash that ocurred due to a missing file (Please report back if you encounter anymore, thanks!)
- Glsl shader fixes

v10- BETA - Quick Hotfix
- *Removed a few redundant components by choice/personal preference that I missed last time (Had to sort through 7k files to make sure)* :P
- Reverted recent terrain changes

v10- BETA - slight adjustments

- Removed all alien worlds biomes (Personal Preference)
- Various crystal adjustments
- Various glsl shader visual improvements/adjustments
- Slight fps boost
+ more

v10-1.9.2 BETA
- Sorry for the wait! After fixing one failed Hard Drive, I encountered another. I just ordered a Samsung SSD which will hopefully, solve my PC issues.

- Fixed missing cave weather
- Reduced space smoke heavy air
- Ship Weapon Language Adjustments

- Crafting warp cells are now default in the core mod.
- Major ecology life, probability, animation,rule  adjustments (more will be done soon)
- Minor visual adjustments
- Ecology static bird fix attempt
- Added another E3 Space Sky
- pulse drive speed adjustments
- Various HUD, resource icon adjustments
- Asteroid Adjustments
- A lot of super formula adjustments
- Removed obsolete rocket blaster
- Reverted galaxy to euclid
- Made lush planets slightly more rare
- It's no longer possible to charge your suit with iron
- The day/night cycle should no longer be too long.

New Features:
- Added a rare giant bird ecology type
- Added a rare super ecology biome
- 50+ Newer biome types, the overhaul is almost at 4,000 unique biomes now.
- New Cave weather
- Increased the draw distance on all "Alien World 2" biome types
- I started to incorperate E3 terrain that I've been gradually porting.

Added an optional toned down color palette file. This file removes the infinite biome color palette possibilities and tones down the overall color palettes. However, the color palettes from all No Man's Sky versions that have ever been released are still included.

Located in Optional Mods\Core Mod Removals+User Recommended\User Recommended

v10-1.9.1 BETA - Quick fix
Fixed over saturated space colors
v10-1.9 BETA - Quality of life focused:
- Huge performance boost - Users should get a faster framerate than the previous betas that already had other performance boosts (Thanks to Salo for finding the cause of this one and adjusting a few values). :)
- Adjusted overwhelming depth of field on extreme weather planets
- Underwater life adjustments
- Slightly lowered the density on one of my underwater biomes to improve performance and also so that it looks better
- Underwater biome draw distance increase + puddle multi-biome draw distance increase
- Added an optional "Default Sentinel Difficulty" file.
Located in Optional Mods\Core Mod Removals+User Recommended\User Recommended\Default Sentinel Difficulty

New Features:
- Greatly expanded height fog palette colors and fog palette colors in-between various times of day. There's also a lot more variety of day time sky colors, nighttime sky colors, space colors, space fog colors, lighting, horizon colors and a lot of other various things.
- Slight spectral class biome probability adjustments. This should make exploration more interesting.
- Added more E3 skies and space effects

v10-1.8 BETA - Stability Focused

- Crash fixes, crash fixes, and more crash fixes.

New Features:
Added beach variety, mountain variety, rock variety, and other things to various kinds of regions
- The optional default gameplay difficulty normal/survival mode no longer utilizes the PS4 DLC incentive starship, and also now utilizes the base game multitool.
Located in - Optional Mods\Core Mod Removals+User Recommended\User Recommended\Default Gameplay Difficulty
Added a new optional file called "Underwater Flight Removal"
Located in - Optional Mods\Core Mod Removals+User Recommended\User Recommended\Underwater flight removal
- Cave weather and object adjustments
- Slight atmosphere thickness adjustments

v10-1.7 BETA
The v10-1.7 BETA has a large performance boost, more crash fixes, fixes to gigantic rocks that would spawn in, sentinel activity adjustments, a new and rare gigantic underwater creature/monster ecology type, various other ecology adjustments and more.
Fixes + New Features:

- Fixed a rare crash that occurred when warping to certain systems and flying down to a particular set of planet biome types (please report back if you encounter more)
- Fixed an absurd amount of gigantic rocks that would pop in randomly, and often
- Sentinel wanted level and activity adjustments

New Features:
- Created a gigantic underwater creature/monster ecology type
- Various ecology adjustments

v10-1.6 BETA

Fixes + Adjustments:
- Calculated the swamp biome object mesh geometrics, added appropriate collision to the models alongside mining and scanning capability, re-made the old/outdated biome from scratch, fixed the bad pop in, fixed stretched objects, and various made density adjustments.
- Various Crash Fixes
- Various ecology density adjustments

New Features:

Make sure to check out his *standalone* mod or Youtube channel, he worked on his latest update. :)
https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/557, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy_yc1i6qtis2dmt1MmExLg

- Handcrafted and integrated more 315 more biomes
- Created a gigantic creature ecology type
- Added the possibility for ocean wave flora
- Integrated a new underwater biome
- Integrated the missing *rare* crystal biomes that I intended to enable a few betas back

v10-1.5 BETA:
Fixes, adjustments, new features:

- Fixed a reported crashing lush planet (all known crashes so far are fixed, please report any more to [email protected])
- Fixed reversed E3 freighters flying by
- Fixed floating police ships on crash sites
- Confused Spaceship with Stations (Fix test)
- Various space activity adjustments
- slightly Increased the minimum height that ships can fly near planetary surfaces to prevent clipping
- Slight language adjustments
New Features:
- Created and implemented around 40 new "procedural forests" that can all be different each time.
- Created and added 140 more additional biomes

Imgur Album Link:

v10-1.4.1 BETA
*Tweaks, bug fixes + User recommended additions*
- Added Three Inventory Variations with .txt documentation explanation, in Optional Mods > RaYRoD > Inventory Variations
* Default Inventory.pak
* Default Substance Icons.pak
*Transparent E3 Inventory.pak
- Removed Unintentional remainder of exocraft rockets
- Adjusted exocraft language files
- Slight Ti-fighter scaling adjustments (Courtesy of Krem)
No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul v10-BETA (v1.4)
Fixes + Quality Of Life adjustments
- More rare planet/biome crash fixes, fixed a reported lush biome type crash
- Fixed rare remainder of static/frozen birds left over
- Cave mine-able object adjustments
- Slight Flashlight intensity adjustments
- Slight Gravity adjustments
- Adjusted a type of Crystal biome
- Creatively added different requirements and resource amounts to various base building products to increase exploration/challenge incentive and compliment gameplay
- Further organized the base building menu
- Wanted level glitch fix (attempt)
- Prevented ship shield and ship pulse engine dismantlement, to prevent a crash from doing so.
- Rare oversized ships in stations and rare oversized crashed ships should no longer occur

New Features:
- Added a new cave weather type, I combined mars dust with swamp fog.
- There's around 21 underwater weather type possibilities overall now (More may come later)
- Slightly greater possibility of denser forests
- Grass patch adjustments
- Added possibility for Crystal biomes
- Created and implemented more cave biomes
- Created and implemented another underwater biome
+ More

v10-1.3 BETA

Visual Aesthetics:
- Integrated more E32015 skycolors, space colors, sun colors, lighting, + visual effects
- Integrated skycolors, space colors, sun colors, lighting, + visual effects from various pre-release versions of the game
- More heightfog colors
- Before the mod had near infinite biome color palette possibilities... now I've taken it up another notch.
- Slightly reduced the E3 HUD, and the alternate E3 HUD opacity to better resemble pre-release footage, and re-worked various HUD related things.
Re-made The Ecology Overhaul:
- Re-made the ecology overhaul from scratch for the 4'th time. I re-worked the roles for every creature and added more content to the game. I added a lot more various rules, there's about 20 thousand new rules for creatures in their behaviour, they can range in different sizes, and they have different movement speeds. I added more varied of cave and underwater creatures. Underwater can be more full of life. Adjusted the chances of life for creatures so there isn't redundant life all the time, making those moments you find an ecosystem more special.
- Crafted pre-release creature types using pre release footage as 3D concept art, while for some creatures I used official pre-release hidden file presets.
* Newer Creature types and more ecology variety will be coming soon. These are only recent changes ontop of lots of other new features previously introduced a few betas ago.
- Added back in procedural sharks alongside E3 procedural whales
- Creature Draw Distance Adjustments
Planetary Adjustments:
Expanded the planet classes and weather classes, and re-added planetary+weather classes that have been removed since the foundation update hit.
Weather Adjustments:
- Made the marsdust swamp gas weather on barren biomes less intrusive on foot and in flight
- Made scorched biome weather less intrusive
- Re-worked depth of field while in ship for some biomes that had blurred your ship during extreme weather (please report back if it's fixed)
Fixes + Quality Of Life adjustments:
- Fixed two more crashes which both caused a (crash to desktop) upon warping and flying down to two specific biome types. (Please report back if you encounter any more)
- Looping Wanted Level should now be fixed
- Adjustments to Sentinel Police AI ships
- Adjustments to E3 freighters in biomes
- Freighter Warp in to biome (fix atempt #6)
- Adjusted planet information for planets that were supposedly empty of fauna, but still had fauna
- Fixed Frozen Creatures
- Normal mode no longer starts you off with any repaired ship tech
- Default Difficulty no longer starts you off with any repaired ship, + the launch cost has been reduced to default, and ship collision to terrain damage has been re-enabled
- It is now possible to dismantle all core tech
- Various other tech related adjustments
- Repositioned the E3 Inventory text "JOURNEYMAN" to match pre-release footage.
- Sentinel Sizes reverted back to default
- Fixed oversized trader AI at trade stations
- Fixed confused AI from circling trade stations and space stations

- GrowMoar by Krem is now incorporated into the overhaul (with his permission)
- Lowered the density of a few things that could potentially be the reason for some reported crashes (Please report back if it's fixed now)
- Removed redundant duplicate files from the Overhaul Archive. The overhaul is the only mod in the main folder, the rest are now optional.

v10-1.2.2 BETA

- Improved the Exocraft camera
- Underwater biome density adjustments
- Freighter to biome warp in fix attempt #5 (Please report back)
- The E3 scaled planets + solar systems now has correctly positioned cloud height
- Various other adjustments
- zzDefault Gameplay Difficulty.pak now has default gravity and a default powered mining beam
- Included a rare/unique bug hotfix folder section for users who have odd bugs
Optonal Mods > Rare+Unique Bug Hotfixes
- Temporarily disabled buildings that went underground and clipped with grass (May be re-added and fixed soon)

 v10-1.2.1 BETA

- Fixed a crucial crash that occurred on water planets and a lot of lush planets (It was an ecology issue)
- Underwater biome adjustments
- Fixed the last remainder of floating creature glitches.
- Freighter fix for freighters warping into people (Attempt #4)
- Created a vanilla save hotfix.
Reverted the solar system scales back to default
(Anyone who used the mod before will appear in space if they have an existing save on it
The reason why I'm doing this is...
A lot of people who may want to use their default save have not been able to with ease of use because they've spawned in space (due to the solar system scale changes). Therefore, what I've chosen to do is revert the solar system scale back to default and create an extra optional file that not only changes the scale of solar systems to E3 scaled, but also the scale of planets to E3 style.
It will be an optional file in Optional Mods > RaYRoD > E3 Scaled Planets + Solar Systems > zzE3 Scaled Planets + Solar Systems (Read the warning.txt)
And it will have a .txt document next to it named "Warning"
With this warning included:
It's important that you use this with a new save slot, or if you choose to use it with your already existing save that you make sure to save in a freighter first, and that you also acknowledge that it will more than likely remove your base if you have one, and you will spawn in space and will need to jetpack towards your ship if you have one.
The benefit of this is that by default users will be able to use their vanilla saves and not spawn in space without this optional file (despite missing out of a few really nice features), however... pre-existing bases that players made prior to installing the overhaul will still likely get messed up if they choose to use the slot with their base on it with the overhaul when installing it for the first time. Yet, in return, users will get an infinite variety of terrain as a compromise and it's also possible to build a base anywhere that they'd like on the fly, even underwater... through the basebuilding menu.
It's important that you use this with a new save slot, or if you choose to use it with your already existing save that you make sure to save in a freighter first, and that you also acknowledge that it will more than likely remove your base if you have one, and you will spawn in space and will need to jetpack towards your ship if you have one.

v10-1.2 BETA

- Freighters should not spawn/warp in on top of people anymore. Hopefully. lol (Made adjustments, but have never encountered it or been able to reproduce)
- Fixed a crash that occurred upon flying down to a particular lush biome. (These kind of rare crashes that I'm hunting can invoke a crash upon warping. Please report them to me at [email protected] if you encounter any others. Also, if you can, it's helpful to scan that planet from space and let me know what type of planet it is. Thanks!
- Lots of fixes for various rare crashes that occurred upon warping (If you encounter any more, please report them to [email protected])
- Fixed the unit amount indicator on the E3 inventory from overlapping if users have close to a billion units
- Various Ecology behavior adjustments, ecology spawn frequency adjustments, lots of creature floating fixes
- Added back in procedural sharks, alongside E3 whales
- Building adjustments
- Performance improvements
- Slight pulse drive speed adjustments
- Cave pop in fixes
- Slight adjustments to a few biomes
- Updated basebuild custom ship info
- Integrated 16 more custom ships (Courtesy of Krem) into the "Non Lore" section of the basebuild menu

v10-1.1 BETA

- Anyone who previously used the overhaul, is going to need to save either in a freighter, or next to their ship and then jetpack to the ship right next to them (sorry!), or start a new save... prior to using this latest beta; as I reverted the planet scales back to default... because in some systems on rare occurrence it was invoking a game crash.
- I realized that my ecology overhaul 3.0 BETA has been unintentionally disabled all of this time since the first BETA release. It is now enabled. :)
Check the "Changelog.txt" for in-depth details.
- Freighters can no longer make new BOOM sounds and warp into players on biomes (Wish I could've experienced that for myself). lol
- Fixed a glitch that occurred on story mode allowing players to cheat rank
- Story mode now starts off with broken tech and is no longer completely charged to encourage story/mission incentive.
- Prevented the possibility of getting stuck on the starter planet (hasn't been reported but I noticed a flaw), by adjusting a few tech requirements but keeping it reasonable.
- Fixed a few rare game crashes.
- Fixed an issue allowing players to phase through planets with RaYRoD's Flight Handling (Works best with a controller).pak.
- An optional file for "default difficulty" in optional mods > Core Mod Removals+User Recommended > User Recommended\Default Gameplay Difficulty > zzDefault Gameplay Difficulty.pak
(This reverts the story mode intro to default, and damage factors to default on startup and removes the infinite jetpack).
- Removed Obsolete (outdated) Mojo ReShade,
- Fixed a biome containing overwhelmingly large rocks spawning.

The mod started on 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 through v9.9 and then there were more than 1,000 private v10 beta's before the first original v10 beta release and the following 1.1 - 1.7 public betas.  Almost all of the beta versions are gigantic changelogs, some on the scale of official updates by HG, others not. But they are all brief overviews. As there's too much to write for each log. So I mentioned key things only.

v10.0 BETA - Major

Visual Overhaul:

- Greatly Improved Terrain level Of Detail settings
- The grainy fade-in has been adjusted and also reduced as a compromise between grain and pop in  (The game doesn't pop in, but the generation is a lot more subtle)
- Higher quality shadows
- Higher quality reflections
- Added E3 Style Heightfog + subtle E3 Style Space Fog with multi-coloured clouds to the core mod
- More intense "E3 Style" weather and storms. across all biome.s (Major fog adjustments, Major height fog adjustments, major depth of field adjustments, Major opacity and speed Adjustments and other things (depending on the kind of weather)
* Casual: https://i.imgur.com/jbNruU0.jpg
* Light Storm: https://i.imgur.com/viXhkHT.jpg
* Extreme Storm: https://i.imgur.com/X6Kym59.jpg
* In-game Depth Of Field: https://i.imgur.com/dNrLDaD.jpg

* E3 Scaled Planets, Planetary Distances, and Solar System scale
* Read through 11 million lines of xml and re-created a pre-release footage Inventory:

Color Palettes:
(A cross between realistic + Scifi looking color palette  - improvements)
- Cloud Palette Adjustments
- Crystal Palette Adjustments
- Dirt Palette Adjustments
- Feather Palette Adjustments
- Fur Palette Adjustments
- Paint Palette Adjustments
- Plastic Palette Adjustments
- Rock Palette Adjustments
- Sand Palette Adjustments
- Scale Palette Adjustments
- Sky Palette Adjustments
- Snow Palette Adjustments
- Space Palette Adjustments
- Stone Palette Adjustments
- Creature Underbelly Palette Adjustments
- Creature Undercoat Palette Adjustments
- Water Pallette Adjustments
- Wood Pallette Adjustments
- Grass Pallette Adjustments
- Leaf Pallette Adjustments
- Metal Palette Adjustments
- Plant Palette Adjustments
- Sky Palette Adjustments

- Some biomes can now have an infinite variety of colors, with new additional expanded color palettes.
The default palettes will be in there, all of the color palettes from all Atlas Rises and all previous versions of NMS,  E3 Pallettes that I re-created based off of official HG pre-release files, and a few other palettes that I setup that allow of an infinite variety including multi-colored water and heavy air effects.

New shader mods + Shader Adjustments:
-Made clouds slightly more transparent (Used Lo2k's true clouds as a base to make my changes)
-Higher Resolution Cloud Noise
-Distant Planet Color Adjustments
-Adjustments to the global coloring, now less red
-Landscape fog slight reduction
-Made skies even more clean than before
-Adjusted rim lighting
-More Level Of Detail Adjustments
-Subtle nebulae
-New Transparent/clean Binocular UI (Thanks to Lo2k for helping me with this file)
-Re-made an Instagram filter removal shader in my own way
-Greatly increased the E3 styled Shaders, DOF, Gaussian Blur, and Lensflare effects
-Slight Terrain Adjustments
-Improved FXAA subpixel anti-aliasing
-The core mod now contains a version of space that I altered, which is dark; but not fully black and has space clouds but nebulae. The space dream mod by Lo2k still works (included in the space dream folder as an optional replacement if you would an alternate version)
- E3 Style Glowing Cubes that visibly glow slightly longer and also glow slightly longer underground
- Fog adjustments
- Configured E3 Style Shaders with Dof, Gaussian Blur, and Lensflare adjustments
- HD Cockpit Screens

Quality of life + Other Visual Improvements:
- The Overhaul Mod download is now reduced in size
- Snow textures to some tree leaves on snow biomes
- I added a teleporter to my basebuild menu
- Adjusted ship pulse jump speed (Less redundant traveling to planets, but not too fast)
- E3 Scaled Planets, Planetary Distances, and Solar System scale
- Adjusted ship scan recharge time and range (Doesn't take long to re-charge and scanning nearby planets is easier)
- You can now land at nearly every angle (lots of fun)
- You can now land at any height
- Smoother entering ship transition
- Translucent Cockpit Glass
- Dropship balls on shuttle ships can now scroll
- Charging your shield with Iron is now also an option
- Charging your life support with Carbon is now an option
- Charging your launch thrusters with Carbon is now an option
- Creative Mode only... now starts you off with a custom tech that adds infinite sprint, and infinite jetpacking. You also start off with all hyperdrives, and no damaged tech now. (Since Creative Mode is primarily exploration based).
- More Visible and Modernized Classic E3 HUD

- The Modernized, Classic E3 HUD no longer auto fades to imitate E3 footage + There's an option to make it fade;
located in this directory: Optional Mods\HUD\zAuto Fade Hud.pak

- Added an alternative Classic E3 HUD Type. Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/fcu7yen.png
located in this directory: Optional Mods\RaYRoD\HUD\ - HUD Version\ (AutoFade Extension)

Space Activity:
Space Activity has been overhauled. There is now a lot more space activity, more intense battles, more intense pirates, More varied fly bys, More varied warpins, More Varied Space station activity, More varied on-planet space activity, more intelligent AI ships, E3 freighter models, and unused ship types.


My goal/inspiration has been a cross between E3-style nostalgia with a modern vibe but linked to the initial game's aesthetic with a few rare exceptions. To not stray away from the original game's intended lore and style and to not break the "No Man's Sky" vibe, but to enhance the game in nearly every way.... while keeping it close to vanilla as possible. I love No Man's Sky, which Hello Games has given us... and I look forward to seeing this continue to become the game which we've always desired it to be, grounded on E3 trailers. They have true dedication to their community.

- Every Version Of No Man's Sky is now in here (Various pre-release E3, and IGN footage biomes, All of the 2016 Biomes with two alternate 2016 biome versions, all of the foundation patch biomes, all of the Pathfinder patch biomes, two modified Pathfinder patch biomes, all of the Atlas Rises patch biomesDarconia city biomes (added at request), every variation of Shaidak's biomes + custom variations I made of his (used with permission),Unused Biomes by Hello Games,  including over 2,000 procedural biomes that I handcrafted FROM SCRATCH (Similar to the way Sean demonstrated at E3) with various rules and algorithms and a lot more is coming. There are also 32 underwater biomes (one of them was unused), unused rare level-one object re-implemented, default level-one object alterations, a cross between 2016 - Path Finder - Atlas Rises spawn density placements, modded building placements,  cave biomes + Lots of other good stuff. Every version of No Man's Sky in one.)

-  Translated, converted, re-created, and integrated various pre-release trailer and ign footage biomes out of passion into the current No Man's Sky: RaYRoD's Overhaul v10 build on a universal and varied scale and seeking to ensure "beauty" and "consistency".
- 2,000 handcrafted procedural biomes (Won't tell you what they are :P ) - More incoming
- Some biomes use unused weather types, Some have Multi-weather
- Biome watercolor adjustments
- Biome placement adjustments and density adjustments
- Biome specific terrain adjustments
- Far More varied biomes
- Re-added beaches, more diverse caves, unused underwater biomes, unused underwater rainforest biomes, rare sand dune oasis biomes, mountain-specific objects and other terrain specific objects.
- Calculated various object mesh geometrics and added collision to various unused Pre-release/E3 objects and linked them to custom entity files in order to allow them to be mine-able and give different resources depending upon their rarity and the type of object it is, to be scannable, and to have different mining strengths depending on it's relevant size.
- Re-implemented former levelone objects that used to be disabled
- Major Building Density Alterations
- Underwater Prop adjustments
- Underwater Heavy Air is now a lot more varied
- A LOT more

For Fun:

- Slightly improved exo-craft boot speeds
- Removed the range limitation on the terrain manipulator
- It is now possible to swap your primary starship at any given time, through a custom ship swapper that I added to the basebuild menu.  (Thanks to Monkeyman for helping me with this).

Here are a few OPTIONAL starships that I've added to the swapper so far:
*The PS4 pre-order DLC incentive starship "PS4 Alpha Vector" - https://i.imgur.com/9n8e7qV.png
*The PC pre-order DLC inventive starship "Horizon Omega" - https://i.imgur.com/rgsmZ8t.jpg
* Sentinel Police Ship - https://i.imgur.com/eO6lP7u.png
* Flyable Freighter - https://i.imgur.com/iOYNADY.png
* Pilotable Gold Drone - https://i.imgur.com/slAU0nE.png
* Feisar Ship (Courtesy of Krem) - https://i.imgur.com/4gjLl7o.png
* VootCruiser Invader Zim Ship (Courtesy of Krem) - https://i.imgur.com/kr60C9P.png
* EvilGrav Ship (Courtesy of Krem) - https://i.imgur.com/BD9gWp0.png
* Millenium Falcon Ship (Courtesy of Krem) - https://i.imgur.com/NoDHS3e.png
* Gryphon Ship (Courtesy of Krem)- https://i.imgur.com/0Ml5D9O.png
* Gryphon Ship with holographic HUD (Courtesy of Krem) - https://i.imgur.com/rVrzZbO.png - https://i.imgur.com/PT8RYGu.png
* Luminaris Ship (Courtesy of Krem) - https://i.imgur.com/uS9RMGn.png
* Ufo Ship (Paritally an in-game asset from Hello Games, re-implemented by Krem) - https://i.imgur.com/guZvDDr.png
* Jellyfish Ship (Courtesy of Krem) - https://i.imgur.com/pvuwkX7.png
+ Lots more!

- Feel Free To Share your favorite spaceship seeds from online, and I'll consider adding them into a user recommended slot on the base build menu :)

LUT Filter:
- Lut Filter Adjustments

Ecology Overhaul 2.0 (NOW v3.0)
- I assembled over 19,000 lines of ecology data (every block within those 19k lines is unique in various ways) and have layers of unique rules for different creature types. I'm working on making ecology as varied and immersive as possible.
- A few new custom creatures
- Various different E3 creatures *custom assembled* ( Here's an example of one re-implemented into the post-release version of NMS) - https://i.imgur.com/uwmhKuD.png, https://i.imgur.com/V0ZH1rw.png
- Unused creatures now used
- Sand worms (Work In Progress)
- New Eridu E3 Sharks (Work In Progress)
- New Wild Roaming GEK
- E3 Whales
- E3 (Vesta Prime) creatures
- E3 ORIA V Creatures
- All Creature role activity overhauled
- New E3 Herds Implemented alike this old trailer screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/GlWf6N6.png
-  I overhauled all of the creature animations. All creatures also have their own sizes, scales and movement speeds.
- All creatures are now feedable and scannable
-  I split all creatures into several variations, uncommon, rare, and common
- Adjusted Rainforest Rodent Spawn Rate
- Adjusted Rainforest Butterfly Spawn Rate
- Adjusted Rainforest Glowbug Spawnrate
- Walkers and drones can now spawn underwater; but rare
- Added underwater whales and sharks
- Slight predator increase
- Re-added missing rare cave drones and cave quads
- Roaming sentinel size and spawn adjustments (rare and can vary in size)
- Underwater Predator Group Alterations and Spawn adjustments depending upon day or night
- A lot of creatures are restricted to lush biomes, but now all, and I will soon link certain things to custom biome types. For eg, Oria V creatures will only spawn in the Oria V biome.
- Added More unused creature assetts
- Even less overwhelming amounts of creatures (creature discovery should be more special)
- Added mountain quadrupeds
- Added mountain prehistoric creatures
- Added rare Oria V Rhinos that Roar. (Still working on making them kill-able, and also for them to attack you, and potentially knock down trees)
- Walkers that give wanted level can occasionally appear on dead only biomes (varying depending upon the day)
*Only two can spawn in a group at a time here, and they aren't constantly all over the place (leaving the beauty of the biome itself without being too crowded).  Shooting sentinels (even randomly roaming ones) now can give you a wanted level.

-  Caves can be more dangerous. Chances of spiders, rare drones, and rare quadrupeds (Varying depending upon the biome type and time of day)
-  More underwater wildlife on certain biome types and slightly more predators
-  Adjusted Life Chances again (to prevent overwhelming amounts of creatures that were still around on certain biome types)
-  Lots and lots more
- Added All Oria V Creatures and made them rare + Linking to specific biome types based upon rules.

Changes to my Terrain Overhaul:
The mod now has a near infinite variety of terrain (including vanilla terrain)

Gameplay Adjustments:
Various Damage Adjustments to slightly increase in-game challenge and convenience
Subtle gravity adjustments
Subtle jetpack speed adjustments
Subtle Visor Scan time adjustments
Subtle Pulse Speed adjustments

Basebuild Menu Changes:
Fixed Portal Spawn Lag and adjusted the size + terrain removal to make it fit better

- Re-added missing components from the updated ringed planets
- Fixed Weird Resources getting mined in space and on planets
- Removed the drills by for now, until I find a fix. :)
- Fixed "RaYRoD's Flight Overhaul from phasing through the map and made the speeds vanilla
- Fixed pulse jumping being blocked when near a certain radius of planets
- Fixed some things in the basebuild menu from not working
- Fixed text dialog from now showing