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Space Adventures Update (Redmas's Atlas Rises Mods) adds new vehicles, better vegetation, hardcore Creatures, new spaceships models, new buildings, more base objects interaction, new icons & reshade.
this mod adds more interresting on planet experience without changing too much the Atlas Rises game mechanics. it will bring more dangerous planets due to the fact that 95% of creatures are predators. The exploration is boosted by the fact that most of the creatures are also huge creatures. The new pick ups icons are more pleasant to use and less spaming the screen. The size of some trees, grass, and rocks are changed to give more impressive environement to explore. The vehicules have now more fun models and paints. Their controls are tweeked for mor speed, drift, and bounces. 

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Change log:

v1.22 : Cel-Shading Re-Shade / Realistic Reshade

v1.21 : Huge Buildings n°2 : RUINS

v1.2 : Huge Buildings  n°1 : Monoliths

v1.15 : More Base interactions v3

v1.14 : SUPERVEHICLES 2 MOD (This mod is fully moddular and also compatible with another handling mods).

V1.13 :More spaceships variation. added new Freighters designs.

V1.12 :More spaceships variation. added the Hauler class models variation.

V1.11 : 5 variations of the Fighters' fin.

V1.1 :  3rd Person View Flight.

V1.09 :  Alternate Spaceships Models / Full 3D Model Char in inventory.

V1.08 :  More Objects Interactions mod v2 / Pre-Release Like Shaders.

V1.07 : Adds the More Objects Interactions mod.

V1.06 : Fixes a bug in the NMS_font.pak that was causing the base building menu to be hidden.

V1.05 : New handling for the Bike making it easier and more fun to use on Hard Terrain planets.

v1.04 : 
Put back the waypoints on vehicles and  on spaceship in the HUD mod.
Split Font from the HUD MOD
You can choose which version of predator mod you want to use. Personnally i prefer the BIG one cause it prevents from creatures to get stuck in  the wheels and make the planet more opressing.

v1.03 Adds two new skins color for the vehicles: Blue and a new white version.
Adds more tiny and small sized birds and ground creatures.

v1.02 Changes more icons to make them more visible
Base icon is a warp symbol
Player's Freighter and space stations are inverted warp symbol
NPCs Freighters have an empty HEX symbol like for the geobay.
Portals have a new icon representing a portal in HD artwork.
Spaceships are now represented by a more visible icon which is the thrusters icon ( to match the exo engine icon used for the exocrafts.)

v1.01 changes the platinum and thamium9 icons.
You can choose which of this aspects you want to install.

 - The game font is changed into the NMS font.
- More elegant workshop icon in the main menu
- pick up icons are now art works created by HG that describe better what you pick with the scan.
- carbon pick up and iron pick up are masked. 
- Replace the backpack model in the inventory by a 3D character ( 5 to choose between Human, Korvax,Gek,Vy'keen,Explorer)
I am using the audiowide font from in my videos and screenshots.

2. Créatures:
- Birds can be huge, and can flight very fast and very close to the ground. Their flight path is changed to make them go from A to B. Instead of just hovering in circle.
- flying lizards are always huge, flight very fast and can go very close to the ground.
- flying snakes are always very huge and can hover , most of the time , very close to the ground.
- prey blobs are now predators that attack you always by group of at least 3 blobs ( kritters inspiration)
- predators are huge and fast.
- cow are huge and dangerous.

3. Vegetation:
- lush trees are bigger
- grass can grow very wild
- scortched and radioactive biomes can have 100 meters tall rocks.

4. On Planets Structures
The Vanilla buildings are transformed in Huge Structures.
1: The Monoliths: Monoliths are now huge, with new textures and placed deep in the ground. You ll sometimes have to climb or to dig to find the interface ( Archeologist fun) :)
2: Ruins: Ruins are now proceduraly generated city like ruins.
Coming in next updates of this mod : Trading posts, Depots, Distress signal Smoke.

5. Vehicles:
SUPERVEHICLES 2 MOD (This mod is fully moddular and also compatible with another handling mods).
5 colors for exo craft
2 handling options : SImu / Arcade. This handlings turn the nomad into a speeder/submarine , the roamer and collossus are now more heavy and drifty.
Underwater rocks collision is fixed.
7 Alt Models to choose for the Roamer : ( big/Thin buggy with 2x4 or 4x4 wheels & 3 exocycle ( bat pod like bike) options
3 Alt Models to Choose for the Nomad : ( hovercar / hoverbike / landspeeder ( based from the sentinels spacecraft))
1 Alt Model for the Colossus that turns it into a TANK.
All models are equiped with more powerfull headlights than vanilla version.

6. BASES ("more Object interactions " mod )
- Small technologic Desk are now usable to research for new tech. It will cost 100 nanites (this action can be done again after a cooldown)
- Large technologic Desk are now usable as signal Booster
- Weapon wall decoration are now weapon terminal. This will allow you to exchange / store your multi tool (this action can be done again )
- Fans will give you carbon (this action can be done again after a cooldown)
- Some decoration plant will give you thamium9 (this action can be done again after a cooldown)
- Some decoration plant will give you platinum (this action can be done again after a cooldown)
- Some decoration plant will give you Zinc (this action can be done again after a cooldown)
- Small Monitor desk are save points
- Chairs ( every where in the game ) are save points
- Beds are save points
- Wallmonitor ( that can be placed on desktops) are now loading missions list.
- Roof Monitors Are now used to upgade the suit inventory ( same as drop pod, with an instant re-use)
- Servers will give you Nanites (this action can be done again after a cooldown)
- Drawers now open containers num 0
- Freighters Bridges are now equiped with Station Teleporter

Save are not working in the Freighters privates room area ( because they are not generated when you spawn so you will be drop under the map --- If you are stuck behind the map, go just under the bottom of the main first room of the freighter, then jump into the hangar bay  ) 

7: Spaceships:

Replaces the default new game model by the one form the first Trailer.
And Replaces Spaceships models ( class fighters,Scitenfic, Haulers, Shuttle and Freighters) by more exotic designs. Each class is optionnal.

Pre-release-like Shaders
Adds more blur, bloom and bright effects.

CEL-Shading Reshade. + Realistic Reshade
Turns the graphics into comics book like render. (Screenshots + Video)
Install: Place
in your NMS Binaries Folder (\No Man's Sky\Binaries\)

NOTE: This mod looks better with:
- the Black Map Mod :
- Transparent UI Background Mod:
- Space Dream - Black & Nebula By lo2k

Launch ReShade_Setup_3.0.8.exe ( No Man's Sky game ("No Man's Sky\Binaries\NMS.exe") by clicking the "select game" button.
select Direct 3D 10+ radio button.
Click Yes to the download prompt window.

Once In Game, Access the Re-shade menu by pressing shift+F2
Add the NMSCELSHADINGbyREDMAS.ini preset in the dropdown list