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Reduces the frequency at which the milestone events arrive. i.e. it spaces them out quite a bit. Foundation and Pathfinder compatible.

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The new Foundation and Pathfinder Updates break many mods. This has been updated to work with the Foundation Update (use file V1.1) and Pathfinder Update (use file V1.2), and keeps the original file (V1.0) for the original game (there is a new update for this also as i had messed up the name of the file! - it still worked but i like to keep things tidy).


Don't like all those milestone events that seem to happen every few minutes? Concerned you seem to max out half your milestone achievements before you have really got into the game for a decent length of time? Then this mod may be for you.

A quick example of the issue. The default game has the max achievement level (level 10) for cash earned at 2,000,000 units. No joke! How much do the ships cost, to give a quick balance against this value. So before you have upgraded to a decent ship you will most likely have reached the max achievement level for this category (cash).

Or when learning a language the default milestones are at; 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100, 150, so with just one single language you will reach the max milestone achievement level, but there is more than one language to learn. This mod has 1100 words as the max milestone level (based on approx 400 words per language after some research into the games languages).

This problem is repeated throughout the file that deals with these and is responsible for the negative remarks about these milestone spam issues in the game (and a bunch of mods trying to get rid of that annoyance). It looks like the values used for the milestones are place-holder, or have not really been tested, so this mod aims to extend the game play time it takes to get them vs default vanilla game, so removing the 'spam' feeling from these events.

Hopefully my mod will prompt a fix from hello games at some point ;)

Download and unzip the file, all info (and full details of what has been changed) is in the readme file. This mod changes the data in the LEVELEDSTATSTABLE.MBIN file within the NMSARC.553AF401.pak (Original game version) or the LEVELEDSTATSTABLE.MBIN and LEVELEDSTATSTABLESURVIVALMODE.MBIN files within the NMSARC.86055253.pak (Foundation and Pathfinder Update versions) game file, so will clash with any other mods that also change this data.

To Install (for Original game version)l:

Simply unzip and place the _MOD.SweetDsMilestonePacingFixV1.0.pak file in the games \GAMEDATA\PCBANKS folder.

To install (for Foundation Update version):

Simply unzip and place the _MOD.SweetDsMilestonePacingFixFoundationUpdateV1.1.pak file in the games \GAMEDATA\PCBANKS folder.

If on the experimental branch or after you have installed the 1.12 Foundation patch OR on the Pathfinder Update:

Create a 'MODS' folder in \PCBANKS and put the unzipped pak file in that, then rename DISABLEMODS.TXT to something else (or delete it).

They are changing the way mods are handled by the game and soon all those on the Foundation and later Upgrade versions will need to do this. The old method still works pre the 1.12 patch currently.

NOTE: Will work best on a new game or very early game (with as few milestone events reached as possible). I've noticed slightly odd things if installed over a long-running game (sorry to give this advice so late!)

NOTE 2: The main Atlas quest requires certain milestones have been met to function. You may find you are blocked in progression, so will need to work on getting more milestones.

This is a work in progress, some things have not been changed and some values may need adjusting to better fit the game time flow. Having said that it makes a big difference already to the early game stages. No more milestone message spam! It is a smoother progression arc and the milestone events actually feel like a reward rather than an annoyance now.