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Better Worlds is a collection of 'components' containing all the changes I have made to the game so far.
It includes newer versions of Better Planets and Wild Life, with alot more stuff too!

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Better Worlds is a collection of all the changes I have made to the game so far. It includes newer versions of Better Planets and Wild Life, with alot more stuff too!
ALPHA 2 brings fixes to some issues reported, along with more components for better compatability

Nevada, Rainforest, Woodlands, Alien, Swamp and Alpine biomes have been mixed into the originals.  These look great, but not all the plants are interactive (no collision or resources, well worth having them though!)


There are 4 areas it covers :
Terrain - Huge variety with the limits removed for as much planet variation as possible
Objects - Better Placement rules for everything, with more size variation and better distribution
Creatures - Maximum variety and behavior changes, with more realistic spread of species over a planet
Resources - Huge reduction in probabilities and wider distribution. Stuffs MUCH rarer and its possible for nothing of value to generate


It has been reported the game may crash on systems with 6 or more Planets/Moons  I am looking into this, so for now, go for systems with less than 6 to ensure stability!  (update - this may not be an issue, it does not effect myself, and only a single person has reported it)


Alpha 2 Version

Better Worlds - Biomes
Now split into one component per Biome type for better compatibility
Barren Biome now includes models from the unfinished Desert biome
Frozen Biome now includes models from the unfinished Alpine biome
Lush Biome grass issues fixed
Lush Biome now includes models from the unfinished Rainforest and Woodlands biomes
Radioactive Biome now includes models from the unfinished Swamp biome
Scorched Biome now includes models from the unfinished Nevada biome
Toxic Biome now includes models from the unfinished Alien biome
Underwater Biome now includes models from the unused Ocean biome
Cudic Crystal models added to Resources

Better Worlds - Building Density
Reverted flat areas for now to fix clipping issues
Spread out buildings to "hopefully" prevent overlapping

Better Worlds - Ecologies

Reverted back to original style ecology setups for now. fixed crashing and preformance issues

Better Worlds - Resources
Normal version always spawns Crystals, Resource Plants and Level One objects
Uncommon version 90% chance to spawn same
Rare version 70% chance to spawn same
Added Mid/Sparse/Dead variations to existing Full/FullSafe setups for Caves, Mountains and Rocks

Better Worlds - Reality Traders

Optional mod increases trade products and stack sizes to go with Uncommon/Rare Resources mods

Better Worlds - Voxel Generation

Reduced land noise amplitude to stop the ground getting too noise
reduced wave-like feeling to cave floors
Fixed ocean generation buggin out

Alpha 1 Version

Better Worlds - Biomes
Additional Weather possibilities per biome (appropriate only)
Adds possibilities for Crystals, "Level One" Objects and Resource towers to NOT spawn
Significant increase in scale variety for Trees, Plants and Rocks
Placement rules for objects customised to create High Lands, Mid Lands, Low Lands and Flat Plain / Mountain Side variations
Cave objects redistributed to reduce flora-like objects. Stalegtites/Stalegmites straightened
Underwater split into shallow / deep (with significantly larger objects) / Super deep

Better Worlds - Building Density
Reduces building / monolith / ship / ruin density and reduces terrain flattening areas

Better Worlds - Creature Data

Splits all creature types into 3 variations, Common, Uncommon and Rare with unique scales and movement speeds for each

Better Worlds - Ecologies

At least double the role possibilities for each ecology, with better predator / prey combinations
Greater emphasis on Ecology theme (Dino/Prehistoric/Predator Planets etc)
Much larger distribution of creatures over terrain

Better Worlds - Plant Density
Greatly increases the scale of noise patterns used to place plants and rocks. Creates HUGE forest / plain lands

Better Worlds - Voxel Generator
10 Customized terrain generators with a big emphasis on variety
Bigger Mountains, Wider Valleys, Taller Cliffs, Wilder Caves, Rougher terrain and sharper features
Original "style" Planets still possible
Better Cave Generation with deeper, steeper caves
High degree of variation to resource shapes, positions and distribution
Greater Water probablities, with more water levels