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People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y whimey... stuff.

Permissions and credits

Project Apollo: Lost in Time is a large scale gameplay mod that was in development since June 2023. Introducing couple custom quests and a fair share of new starship technology modules, this mod aims to enrich the mid-late gameplay in a lore-friendly way.

This is the 1st proper release of this mod, based on the game version 4.48 (Holidays 2023 Expeditions). It is a substantial update over the original beta 1 release from 4 months ago. Right now I consider the mod feature complete - future updates will be focused on maintaining mod compatibility with the game and polishing where applicable.


A custom quest - Lost in Time

Uncover the secrets of temporal anomalies spawning throughout the galaxy. Investigate a series of locations in a new setting featuring custom-made dialogue.

New starship technology opportunity

Assist Iteration: Hesperus in their research to get access to both new custom technology modules and bespoke technologies from past expeditions. Discover new weapon blueprints, new functionality modules and an array of new customization options for your starships.

Handful of new rewards

Players who dedicate themselves to the research will be able to acquire new items to use in general gameplay and earn new unique player titles.


Normally this would towards the end of the description, but making this mod was one helluva adventure and some special thanks is in order. So we're doing this now and you're gonna friggin read it!


For providing great feedback throughout the whole development process and playtesting the mod


For providing help and info regarding the mission structures, which brought the mod to a whole new level

monkeyman and Wberto

For providing the modding tools that made this endavour possible in the first place: MBIN Compiler and AMUMSS

Ivan Kutskir

For providing the awesome free online image editor Photopea

Files affected by this mod:

-- modified files








-- added files


MODELS\\... - over 30 files
TEXTURES\\... - over 60 files

How to get started:

Installation with PAK archive

Copy the file into game's mods directory: GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS

Go to the GAMEDATA\PCBANKS directory and delete or rename the DISABLEMODS.TXT file.

Installation with LUA scripts

Copy all LUA scripts into: AMUMMS\ModScript

Copy the TEXTURES folder into: AMUMMS\ModScript\GlobalMEFTI

Run the BUILDMOD.BAT script to compile the mod. Remember to include the files from MEFTI folder when prompted!

How to start the quest

Main quest will start automatically once following conditions have been met:
  • player knows the crafting recipe for Captured Nanode (1st Atlas seed)
  • player has lifted the seal from a Harmonic Camp
  • player has access to the Space Anomaly

After these steps have been completed, simply launch into space, activate the pulse drive, pulse drive for 10 seconds and intercept the unique space encounter. After a short starship communicator scene, the quest "Lost in Time" will begin.

Additional info

Project Apollo - Lost in Time has been officially released. I consider the mod to be feature complete and future updates will be focused on maintaining the compatibility with updates pushed by HG and polishing and fixing bugs where applicable. Still, this project is very much a proof-of-concept work and is provided as such. Do not expect the elements of this mod to be executed as well as content provided by HG:

  • If something doesn't feel balanced, that's because it was never worked on to be balanced in the 1st place. If something feels like a shitty idea, that's because it probably is a shitty idea.
  • The custom missions are very basic - they do not offer any safety mechanisms against repetition or player induced softlocks (ex. player removing unique items needed to construct the scanner device). The main mission is intended to be completed in one session / sitting, without any PEBCAK induced problems.

Project Apollo is a large scale modification affecting dozen of files, some of them (like REWARDTABLE.MBIN) being the core files for many other mods. With that in mind:

  • expect conflicts with other mods, even if they don't seem to be conflicting on the 1st glance
  • expect the mod not being compatible with any update rolled out by Hello Games
  • do not expect any kind of compatibility patches or porting features from other mods - instead use AMUMSS to merge conflicting mods with Project Apollo's files as a base

I take no resposibility for any issues arising in the gameplay from using the custom items / tech or resulting from custom data being stored in player save data, as well as other negative side effects such as imploding your PC or spawning G̵̥̠̿͗̇r̴̛̯͛̾e̸̠͠g̵̡̝͎̈̈́͝. Use this mod at your own risk.

For more info, please see the Articles section of the mod page.