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Converts the active hazard protection technology to passive ones

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Passive Protection Techs
With the Waypoint update, tech inventory limits are increased greatly. Happy with the change, I started installing all the tech upgrades that I didn't care about before. However, these hazard protection tech upgrades are unintuitive; you need to charge them individually and having 12 of these simply makes the quick-charge interaction rather useless. 

As a solution, they are converted into passive ones with this mod, granting resistances against different hazards. B grants 1-2%, A grants 2-4% and S grants 4-7%. They already can be linked together with other hazard protection techs and upgrades for maximum efficiency. The other value, 'X Damage Shielding' was already present on these tech upgrades, however due to them being active, this effect was hidden. No changes were done on those, but they are visible now.

The lyr_inventoryTweaks.lua AMUMSS script file with more options can be found at LAS (Lyravega's AMUMSS Scripts). For my other individually packaged NMS mods, you can check here instead

Only the green options were enabled for the creation of this .pak file. Those that are in yellow are closely related, but still disabled like the rest.

swapTechAndCargo: swaps the position of tech and cargo inventories like in pre-4.0
hideInventoryHeaders: hides the cargo and tech header labels and icons (they don't play nice with freighters)
restoreItemBars: pre-4.0 item bars are restored for items with X/X display wherever possible
smallerLabeledIcons: makes the icons for the picked items / items in transfer pop-ups smaller
smallerItemAmountFonts: slightly decreases the size of fonts for the item amounts
noInventoryDamage: disables the damage that the installed techs suffer (does not affect vehicles)
sturdyVehicleTechs: techs installed on vehicles withstand much more damage (duplicate option from 'lyr_vehicleTweaks.lua')
passiveProtectionTechs: changes active hazard protection tech upgrades to passive ones (S:4-7%, A:2-4%, B:1-2%)
maximizedTechs: procedurally generated tech upgrades provide all possible improvements with maximum values (UI can display 4 at most)
sameGroupTechLimit: sets the limit of same type of techs (game default is 3; setting to 4 will allow you to add 1 more)
installTechInCargo: allows tech to be installed in cargo slots (like in pre-4.0)
superchargedSlotBonus: sets the bonus of the supercharged slots (game default is 1.25)
refineryOutputCapacityMult: refinery product output capacity is multiplied by the given value

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