No Man's Sky
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Updated 09/26/23 Echos

Tired of taking forever to start a new game? Tired of the looong intro of you looking around?
How about having the same ship as all your friends at the start? Lets fix that.

Permissions and credits
These mods are made to run with each other and are compatible with v4.44 Echos - Updated 09/26/23 Echos

When you Start the Game Just Summon your Starship get in and Takeoff
Summon The Anomaly and Talk to Nada

Start your new save game off with

-250 Copper
-250 Oxygen
-250 Sodium 
-Multitool Repaired       
 -Scanner Installed     
 -Terrain Manipulator installed   

-Ship Repaired       
-HyperDrive Installed and Fueled       
-10 Starship Launch Fuels 
-500 Tritium

Mod 2 

Random Starter Equiptment
-Random Seed Starter Ship (C class)
-Random Seed Starter Multi tool (C class)
-Skip Intro Video at start of save

-This mod edits the following files and will not work with other mods editing the same files-