No Man's Sky
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Updated 09/26/23 Echos
Safety Zone Decreased/0g flight in space/Cruise Control/Carry Momentum on Planet Entry/Fly Under Land Bridges

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Updated 09/26/23 Echos
-Adjusted Values to stop some ships from continuing to go backards when applying forward force.

-changed the saftey buffer for the ground when flying under land bridges so you don't get bounced upward into them.
-changed planet entry speed curve ADJUST YOUR ENTRY ANGLE or use your brakes. 

Update 1.4
-Adjusted Speeds for ships (Had them set to high for some ships)
-Adjusted Throttle increase to be more realistic and controllable no more 0-100 in a second 
-Adjusted Nexus Spawn angle.

-This Mod Edits These Files and Other mods that Edit them will not work-


*~If you'd like the rest of the modpack I use~*

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