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Mod to make frieghter bases just a little more lively

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This works with the 4.12 version of NMS.

Howdy howdy yinz, :D

Very simply, this mod just edits the GCFREIGHTERBASEGLOBALS.GLOBAL to raise the max NPC's walking around your freighter base (DEFAULT is 24) with adjustments to the max amount of each type of NPC (Bio Worker, Tech Worker, Industrial Worker, Squadron Pilot, etc)  and some other minor changes. Below are the different mod versions:

  • All mod versions
  • Doubles the amount of NPC's walking inside to outside (or vice versa)  per freighter base. 
  • Makes NPC's spawn faster than vanilla
  • X2, X3, X4, HALF
  • Pretty self explanatory, multiplies the default max NPC values by 2,3,4, or by half.
  • SQUADRON_ONLY is self explanatory; you'll only see your squadron pilots! :)

LUA Scripts by BABSCOOLE! Thanks again!

Definitely welcome feedback, please note you might find a couple copies of and some glitched NPCs; I'll try to see if I can mitigate those problems once I keep monkeying with the values.  

Also because the NPC Pathfinding isn't too complex keep in mind that NPCs will only walk to-and-fro POI's (Trade terminals, bio rooms, etc)  that are on the same floor, so you might want to make each floor of your freighter base have alot of POI's and corridors for best results.

* Get NPC's to walk up stairs
* Enable more interactions/conversations to occur
* Get NPC's to say/do something more than just some version of "Hi, I am doing work like good boy GRAH!"

Install: Just put one of the .pak files in the MODS folder in the NMS GAMEDATA folder, delete DISABLEMOD.txt, profit.