No Man's Sky

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Ever wanted more rockets upgrades for you ship or other special OP mods, well here they are.

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Well Hello There.
Yes, I made this extra large so you can't say you didn't see the warnings, you've been warned.
  • First things first. This mod is WIP and kind of a community mod. So if you're thinking, hey why only so few custom mods, well that's because I ran out of ideas.
  • Second that means that you might see some minor bugs (usually it's going to be language). You can report them provided you document it well. So nothing alike "Text don't show properly" as I will close those.
  • Third means that this is more or less an on hands mod, so if you're new and you don't know how to merge or work with the modding tools this mods might not be worth using as it might conflict with a lot of other mods.
  • Fourth this mod is made with NMSMB, so no lua will be provided. To get his mod working nicely on lua would take a lot of time which currently I don't have. But the NMSMB script is provided, see point 3. 
  • Lastly, due to time constraints and scope of this mod I might be that updates will take longer. But no worries you will always get a working pak for the latest version on the nexus. But in terms of features/bug fixes it will be slow.

The script is an AIO Versions

  • In its standard configuration it will give you C->S class mods (no I won't bother making custom X-class)
  • Changing the variable public static int MinProcModLimit = 1; 1-4 range (1 = C, 2 = B, 3 = A, 4 = S) affect what the starting class is going to be
  • So if you want f.e. A->S you should set MinProcModLimit = 3

Files used/modified: 

If you use a mod that changes similar files you will have to merge them
All mods/tech are custom-made, so if you de-install or a patch breaks the mod those upgrade-mods will be broken.

If you have more then one mod that change the same file do not forget to merge those mods

How To merge with AMUMSS
How to merge without AMUMSS
Now Supports NMSMB
How to use NMSMB
How to use AMUMSS (pdf)

Most of my other mods have NMSMB scripts, so they are compatible with this mod. If you use burnbaby you can uninstall that mod as this mod also adds the incinerator back into the game

New custom mod idea's are welcome. A few things you have to keep in mind, I cannot cross f.e. ship specific stat types over to weapons so you will have to look at the existing stat values if you want to submit an idea.
To unlock the recipe you will have to go to the respectable station in the Nexus.

Unlock cost
  • C-Class = 1000 Nanites
  • B-Class = 2500 Nanites
  • A-Class = 5000 Nanites
  • S-Class = 10000 Nanites
Recipe cost
  • Activated Copper x 100
  • Wiring Loom x 1
  • Chromatic Metal x 500
  • Activated Candmium x 200
  • Wiring Loom x 2
  • Chromatic Metal x 500
  • Activated Emeril x 300
  • Wiring Loom x 3
  • Chromatic Metal x 500
  • Activated Indium x 500
  • Wiring Loom x 5
  • Chromatic Metal x 500