No Man's Sky
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Basically makes you God
-All Products known
-All Products free
-Call Multiple Player freighter in system
-No building limits (3k single Base NOT ULOADABLE WHEN OVER 3k)
-Expedition reward Unlocker
-All Quiksilver parts Known (those that are Community Locked too)
-Better Mech Movement
-Scan times Redused to 1

Permissions and credits
Remove DISABLEMOD.txt From \steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS

-GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS.GLOBAL will add more stuff evt.

- All Products Known
- All Products Free
-Call Multiple Player Freighter in system
-No building limits( you just can't upload the base if you go over it)
-No Limits ( idk what is does but limit's suck)
-Better Mech Movement
-Better Ship and Tool Scanner Times
-Scan times Redused to instant
-Hotspot Visor scanner increased to 1200u
-Infinite Interactions
-Increased Walk and Run Speed
-increased underwater jetpack Speed
-Increased Jetpack Tanks + Tweaks
-Changed Torch light to be more Brighter / Stronger. Less White, more Blue
-Seasonal / Expedition reward Unlocker
-All Quiksilver parts Known ( even those that are Community Locked)
-Living ship modules are free to upgrade
-Ship interaction range increased to 300u ( switch items between inventory from much further )
-Ability to scale all parts and to place parts Underwater & Above water 
-Place Building parts on Freighter

WIP - ability to build basebuilding objects everywhere without BC ( only you can see placed objects then)