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Refiners 10 times faster.

Compatible with NMS "ENDURANCE" v.3.99 ("EXPEDITION EIGHT: POLESTAR") (Steam's Build 9298386).

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Description :

This Mod makes Refiners Speed 10 times Faster !
(Portable, Medium & Large ones)


Installation Instructions :

Manually :

1a - Place the "FastRefiners.pak" file (inside the zip file) in your
InstallPath\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder.
If that folder doesn't exist, create it
("MODS" not Mods or mods or whatever, it's case sensitive and uppercase is the rule).


1b - Via Vortex (Nexus new Mod Manager) :

Just click on the "Mod Manager Download" button.

In any case :

2a - Remove, delete or rename DISABLEMODS.txt 
from InstallPath\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS folder.

2b - Don't forget to do it again once more whenever HG puts it back with an update
(Which is quite often, not every single time but often still,
so when your Mods don't seem to work anymore
just check it out before asking around).



(Steam's Build 9298386).

3xperimental branch is not supported !

Modified File :


If you're having the same time requirement for materials than before the Mod
then you might have a conflicting Mod already modifying


Merging/Updating Process :

An .lua file is provided as well to be merged via "AMUMSS" with any other Mod
providing some lua file(s) (or not) and modifying 'NMS_REALITY_GCRECIPETABLE.MBIN'.

To merge Mods with "AMUMSS" it's real easy !

First of all install/update your .NET to the latest 5.0 Desktop :
(at the time i'm writing this it's ".NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.14")

You would have to choose an .lua file from the Mod you'd want to merge and the one from our Mod,
put them both in the "ModScript" AMUMSS' folder, run "BUILDMOD.bat",
answer whatever you want to the questions asked,
let it do its thing and get the .pak file (that can be renamed to whatever) from the "CreatedModPAKs" folder,
if you choose not to put it straight into your MODS folder,
then put it there and delete both of our old .pak files.

That merge needs to be done again every time a Mod is updating !

Updating the Mod (in case i'm not around to do so)
is the same process as above with only our .lua file instead of two or more.


Uninstallation :

Such a sad and awful thing to do...

Delete the "FastRefiners.pak" from your MODS folder, or
Disable/Uninstall and Remove via Vortex.

That's it. Bye Bye ! ;)


Disclaimer :

Since Nexus last move (Collections and deletion policy) wim95 has lost trust/faith in Nexus,
and i for sure can't blame him for it.
As a result he took all his Mods down and gave me permission to updload a new "Fast Refiners" Mod.

So Big Shout Out and Many Thanks to him for it in the name of the community !