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Tweaks a few things to make NMS' freighters a tad more multiplayer friendly, such as allowing saving on Derelicts and multiple player freighters in one system!

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~Compatible with Frontiers 3.64~

Just a few quick tweaks to one file to allow the following:

  • You can summon your freighter even if another player's freighter is already in the system. Only you need the mod for this functionality, although only people with the mod will be able to summon theirs after someone else already has theirs out. Additionally, it might behave oddly if you summon them with one clipping into the other, so I'd recommend making sure they're at least a short distance away from each other.
  • You can now save on Derelicts. While not inherently just a multiplayer thing, this helps mitigate the annoyance of having to wait for one of the people in your group to have to re-fight their way through it due to a spontaneous crash. Obviously abusable, but not without enough effort to make it a moot point in the end anyway in my opinion.
  • Disables automatic sorting of save slots by most recent. Should help cut down on the inevitable confusion of which save is which as you can still see which is most recent by looking at the last saved times but now have them in static slots. Kind of strange they don't just have it work this way by default, but this should fix the issue of joining through Steam and waiting forever to load in just to find out you picked the wrong one and have to do it all over again.

Given the reason I made it, I should sure hope so. That said, you don't need to make everyone install the mod. It's recommended obviously, but unnecessary if you don't wish to help them set it up. It won't work for them, however. Only people with the mod installed will be able to save on derelicts and see their saves in the proper order. Additionally, while you CAN still have multiple player freighters in the system, only people with the mod will be able to summon one with others present. E.g., if player A has the mod and player B doesn't, have B summon theirs first and then A, as B won't be able to once there's another player freighter in the system.

This will probably conflict with any mods that modify the GCDebugOptions.Global.MBIN file, although it should work fine with pretty much any other mods.

The specific lines I changed in GCDebugOptions.Global.MBIN are as follows:
  • Set "AllowSavingOnAbandonedFreighters" to "True"
  • Set "DisableSaveSlotSorting" to "True"
  • Set "MultiplePlayerFreightersInASystem" to "True"
Pretty straightforwards, so that should be everything you need to know to do it yourself if you need/want to. There's a great guide here on the wiki if you need help getting started with the modding tools!