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A mod that increases the number of words learned from Knowledge Stones and Encyclopedias by a certain number.

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This mod increases the number of words learnt by Knowledge Stones and Encyclopedias (inside those cabin things) to a certain number. I made this to speed up the learning process but still have to grind to find stones. This does not affect Monoliths and talking to people, asking them for knowledge as I don't know how to change that. But this should suffice your yearning to understand others. I'd like to thank the creator of this mod as it helped with figuring this stuff out (referenced their de-compiled .pak file).


Installing mods can be done by navigating to "~\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS". Delete or rename the "DISABLEMODS.txt" to something else and create a folder "MODS". You can then place the .pak file in that folder, and you're set!


NOTE: I have created a .lua file that is available in the files tab which you can use in AMUMSS to generate the .pak file. You no longer have to use the method below unless you want to learn a bit about .exml and .mbin files.

If perchance the mod becomes outdated (most likely will) as major updates come to NMS so you will have to update it yourself, or if I bother with an update. In the event that I don't, you can do it with the help of this video. You'll need AMUMSS in order to do it. Just use this video to help you de-compile and compile the the .pak files since the mod is simple to implement inside the resulting .exml files. AMUMSS takes a while to navigate as it has some things that are not necessary for this. Note, you do not need to de-compile my files in order to do this. For better compatibility you must use the unpacker executable to search for the "REWARDTABLE.MBIN" file and unpack it. There you will be able to add the stuff you want:

Once you have the resulting .exml file (REWARDTABLE.EXML), you can search for "WORD" (case sensitive), you will have a block of code that deals with "rewarding" you with a new word. Changing the number of the rewards afaik just gives you the same word several times, so you must CV paste the reward block of code to how many words you want per knowledge block. Just recompile the stuff according the video and you're set!


Compatibility only has problems if they use the "REWARDTABLE.MBIN" file. Unless you want to merge the mods together.