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A better version of Jetpack and Mining Drill. Also includes no fall damage.

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This is my first attempt in creating a mod. If there's any problems arise, please let me know.

All about your mining drill 
- faster mining
- higher damage deals by the mining drill
- more resources obtained (5X more than vanilla) --- requires optical drill upgrade
- Highly efficient 

All about your jetpack
- Larger tank
- Efficiently burned
- Faster tank refill

Re_jetpack n miningdrill
combined mod is also available to download. 

- no damage deals when fall to the ground
- can be used with my other mod.

- Faster
- Much more efficient (less fuel usage)
- Actual teleportation (very long distance) 

- Longer duration of Hazard protection (Hot/cold/toxic/radiation/underwater)
- Better translator ( 10x more than vanilla)
- longer life support 
- better shield lattice

All mods are compatible with Expedition update.

- Re_Jetpack
- Re_Jetpack n miningdrill
- Re_MiningDrill
- Re_Exosuit
- Re_Spaceship

- Re_FallDamage

this mod is a bit special, because i used Stagedatum's Mining mod as an inspiration.
( )

i really love all of his mods. They're seriously fabs. I hope he can updates all of them soon.

Great news
Lua scripts
are now available to download. 

Installation :
1. Download and extract the particular file. (Only download one file)
2. Put the file in the No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS
3. Delete DISABLEMODS.txt in the PCBANKS folder.

enjoy, xx.