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Increases companion riding speed, reduces stamina drain rate for longer sprinting, improves camera rotation range, and reduces the teleport-to-player distance to help prevent pet from despawning. Now updated for Frontiers (3.64)!

Permissions and credits
This was originally just some small changes I made to make companions a little more useful as an alternative means of transportation, but after seeing a number of people over on the reddit expressing their desire for companion riding to not be so slow, I decided this its own mod and share it!

What's it do?

-added in 1.1:

  • improved the camera rotation while mounted, so now you can look around much more freely while riding!

-added in  1.0 :
  • increases the riding speed for companions by roughly 2.5x
  • reduces stamina drain rate significantly to allow your mount to sprint for much longer.  An alternate Infinite Stamina version is also available.
  • summoned companion's teleport-to-player distance was reduced to help prevent them from despawning so frequently by forcing them to teleport to you sooner.

This mod will conflict with anything that modifies the files listed below.  A lua script has been provided so it can be merged with other mods by using AMUMSS.

Known Issues:
  • flying companions don't seem to be effected by the riding speed changes.  If I can figure out how to fix this, I will do so.
  • Stamina Drain changes affect your Traveller even while not riding - this is because riding stamina uses the same pool as normal stamina

I don't have much experience when it comes to modding NMS, and my experience with lua script is even less so.  I knew enough from looking at the luas of other mods to make the simple changes for this mod and that's about it.  If anyone has a better understanding of lua script than I do, feel free to either contact me or make the changes yourself. 

This mod is also originally balanced to feel right for my own companions which are on the larger size (though not outrageously huge), so I'm not sure how it feels for smaller creatures, or massively large ones. Feel free to leave any suggestions + ideas for future additions in the comments!