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An OpenBE mod that adds more variation to the game's biomes.

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This mod works with the Companion update!

Crashing on a planet? Report it here and I'll fix it as soon as possible

Ignacio's Biomes is a mod that takes advantage of OpenBE's layered, combining system. It splits the games biome files into 4 layers that can
combine in new ways and makes it easier for modders to add new object lists that combine with other modders' additions.

This mod was fully made using AMUMSS, which means you can expect it to be updated quickly for every new NMS update! Thanks to AMUMSS dev Wbertro for helping me throughout the process. Shout out to WoodyMontana for helping me understand the biome engine on Discord.

This mod requires OpenBiomeExtender but it is already included in this mod's download.

Scripts are provided for you to build your own customized OpenBE patch (look at the README file) with only the features you like or to combine with someone else's OpenBE mod.

My recommended graphics mods:
  • DUD'S SKY - COLORS - Improves the game's colors and add variety. Enables procedural colors for textures that normally have baked-in fixed colors. I personally use this without the NightSky pak.
  • HD Clouds -  HD cloud textures created from satellite images
  • Integrated Planets - Fixes planets not being affected by space fog, unlike every other object in space


I've put the lua script names for each feature but don't worry, this mod comes pre-compiled out of the box. You only need the lua stuff if you want to customize or merge mods.
  • CaveyMountains.lua - Adds cave objects to the mountains of some biomes to make them look more interesting and alien.
  • IncreasedCrystalsRenderDistance.lua
  • MountainBiomes.lua - Adds variation to the mountains by using DetailObjects from other biomes in mountains.
  • VerdantExtendedGrass.lua - An OpenBE port of my mod Verdant. Optimizes grass to allow for greater render distance.
  • NoGrasslessLushWorlds.lua - Adds grass to the LUSHOBJECTSDEAD DetailObjects file.
  • New! LandmarkScaleVariance.lua - Increases the MaxScale of Landmarks by 1.5x.
  • UnfrozenAlpineWorlds.lua - Adds snow-less versions of the game's Frozen biome assets and adds them to the Lush biome, creating alpine worlds.
  • UnfrozenAlpineWorlds-VerdantPatch.lua - Optimizes and extends the grass render distance of the Alpine object lists. Main Alpine World script required.
  • AnomalyCaves.lua - Allows strange objects from the anomaly biomes to spawn in caves.
  • BarrenScorchedBlend.lua - Allows the objects of the Barren and Scorched biomes to sometimes appear in the other biome.
  • BigSwampTreesInOtherBiomes.lua - Allows the big swamp trees to spawn in some other biomes.
  • CaveEcosystems.lua - Allows caves to spawn the objects of the game's overworld biomes.
  • CaveLARGEFUNGHIInOtherBiomes.lua  - Adds the LARGEFUNGHI cave model to all biomes that have LARGEPLANTs in them.
  • CaveMEDIUMPLANTInOtherBiomes.lua  - Adds the MEDIUMPLANT cave model to all biomes that have other MEDIUMPLANTs in them.
  • DeadForests.lua - Adds forests of dead trees to the game.
  • E3Crystals - Restored the geometric crystals from the early game crystals and added them as a variant for the normal resource crystals
  • GiantCrystals.lua - Adds the chance for larger resource crystals to spawn on some planets.
  • GlowShroomsInOtherBiomes.lua - Adds the glowing mushrooms of the mushroom biome to other biomes as a possibility.
  • GrassInOtherBiomes.lua - Radioactive planets look like they were once Lush worlds. This allows Lush grass to spawn on Radioactive biomes, Snowy biomes, and others.
  • HugeGlowShrooms.lua - Adds giant versions of the big mushrooms from the LUSHROOMs biome to DistantObjects of most biomes.
  • HugeHives.lua - This adds a giant variant to the Hives found in some Barren worlds, similar to how other biomes have Huge variants.
  • HugeScorchedTreesInOtherBiomes.lua - Allows the mega Scorched trees to spawn in other biomes.
  • LavaScorchedBlend.lua - Allows the Lava and Scorched biomes to combine.
  • LushRingTrees.lua - Adds the trees found in the HugeRings biome to normal Lush worlds.
  • New! MetallicTreesOnWeirdWorlds.lua - Adds dead tree trunks made of metal to anomalous worlds.
  • MoreHuge______Variety.lua - Adds object lists from the main biomes to their Huge variants, to increase variety.
  • MoreInfested_____Variety.lua - Copies the non-Infested object lists and adds infested objects to them to bring the infested biome to the same standard of variety as the normal biome. There are separate scripts for every different Infested biome.
  • MoreWeird_____Variety.lua - Copies the Dead life level object lists from other biomes, adds the relevant Weird objects to them and adds them to the biome. There are separate scripts for every Weird biome.
  • RadioGlowShroomBlend.lua - Allows large glowing mushrooms to spawn in radioactive biomes. Allows large and medium radio glow bulbs to spawn in the glowing mushrooms lush biome.
  • SnowyGlowShrooms.lua - Adds glowing mushrooms as a possibility for Snowy planets.
  • SnowyHQTREEs.lua - Adds a version of the Lush HQTREE to the Frozen biome with all its materials swapped for the Frozen tree materials.
  • SnowHUGEROCKSPIKE.lua - Adds a version of the HUGEROCKSPIKE with snowy textures to the Frozen and Frozen Dead biomes.
  • New! SnowyMangroves.lua - Adds a snowy version of the giant Swamp Mangroves to Frozen biomes.
  • SnowyMEDIUMTREE1.lua - Adds a version of MEDIUMTREE1 with snowy materials swapped in to the Frozen biomes.
  • SnowyRadioTree.lua - Adds a version of the Radioactive Tree model with snowy materials swapped in to the Frozen biomes.
  • New! StarBrambleForests.lua - Adds a chance for Lush worlds with dense Star Bramble to spawn instead of trees.
  • SwampMushroomsInOtherBiomes.lua - Adds swamp mushrooms to Toxic, Radio, Lush and a few other biomes.
  • ToxicGlowSporesInOtherBiomes.lua - Adds the glowing plants from the TOXICSPORES biome to other biomes.
  • ToxicRadioactiveBlend.lua - Allows the Toxic and Radio biomes to combine, while preserving the independent overall theme of each one.
  • UnderwaterHoudiniProps.lua - Adds glowing tentacles and pods to the underwater possibilities.
  • UnusedLARGETREE1.lua - Adds pre-release LARGETREE1 trees from the trailers back into the game, adding accurate collisions and updated bark materials.
  • UnusedMEDIUMTREE1.lua - Adds the Pre-Next trees back into the game.
  • UnusedMountainObjects.lua - Adds some unused Mountain object lists back into the game.
  • UnusedSKINNEDTREESModel.lua - Adds an unused tree model to the game.
  • VolcanoesInOtherBiomes.lua - Allows Volcanoes to spawn in almost all biomes.
  • HugeFrozenBiome.lua - Adds a huge variant of the Frozen biome, similar to how the vanilla game has Huge versions of many of the main biomes.
  • SavannaBiome.lua - Creates a new Barren subtype. A grassy version of the Barren biome with added trees.
  • UnusedColorPalettes.lua - Fixes and adds unused color palettes into the game.