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This is a very unique personal work in progress mod now finally made public to you.
It essentially adds a lot of new cool and helpfull new quick actions never seen before in a mod.

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This is a very unique personal mod (WIP) now finally made public to you.

It was made possible by some more advanced modding techniques figured out by me during all the years.

It essentially adds a lot of new cool and helpfull quick actions into the emote menu (also hotkeyable):

New Quick Actions:

  • Save game
  • Open galactic map (even without ship)
  • Warp to base (instantly from anywhere)
  • Toggle backpack
  • Toggle shield (WIP)
  • Reveal portal
  • Lush planet finder (WIP) - June 2021 update:  Being worked on as time allows 
  • Become invisible (Yes, become hollow man xD)
  • Reveal runes
  • Freighter inventory transfer
  • Scare creatures around
  • Health and suit refresh
  • Stop storm
  • Trigger storm
  • Emit power
  • Enable Nexus    
  • Upload base
  • Deactivate fiends
  • Free explore
  • Clear wanted level
  • Add wanted level (and have fun with some GTA like sandbox flavour xD)
  • Unlock Basic Base Parts Shop
  • Unlock Basic Tech Parts Shop
  • Unlock Base Parts Shop
  • Unlock Special Base Parts Shop
  • Unlock Suit Tech Shop
  • Unlock Ship Tech Shop
  • Unlock Weap Tech Shop
  • Unlock Exocraft Tech Shop
  • Unlock Craft Products Shop
  • Unlock Freighter Tech Shop
  • Black Hole Jump    (instant)
  • Switch to Vicious Universe
  • Switch to Lush Universe
  • Switch to Abandoned Universe
  • Switch to Balanced Universe
  • Free Explore,
  • Policeship exchange (Yes fully functional/useable policeship)
  • ALPHA VECTOR ship exchange
  • HORIZON OMEGA ship exchange
  • RASAMAMA S36 ship exchange
  • Emote: Fake Death
  • Emote: PANIC!
  • Emote: Happy 1
  • Emote: Happy 2
  • Emote: Happy 3
  • Emote: Happy 4
  • Emote: Happy 5
  • Emote: Happy 6
  • Emote: Happy 7
  • Emote: Happy 8
  • Emote: Angry 1
  • Emote: Angry 2
  • Emote: Angry 3
  • Emote: Angry 4
  • Emote: Greet 1
  • Emote: Greet 2
  • Emote: Greet 3
  • Emote: Greet 4
  • Emote: Greet 5
  • Emote: Greet 6
  • Emote: Greet 7
  • Emote: Slide
  • Emote: Land Float
  • Emote: Land Swim
  • Emote: Interact With Console
  • Emote: Gather

It gives you some interesting new options even for one time users e.g.:
  • Start a new game, immediately "Switch to Lush Universe" with the quick action to start your journey right away in your desired universe.
  • Get the police ship or one of the preorder ships
  • +++

Note, ff you exchange your ship with the police ship and disable this mod you need to use the "Sentinel Police Player Ship Base" mod from here to avoid your ship to fly away:

This mod contains many of my other solo mods or parts of them like:
  • Savegame with Hotkey:
  • Backpack Toggle:
  • Personal Shield Generator:
  • Ship exchange mechanism of "Seed Generator" mod:
  • Sentinel Police Player Ship:

This mod represents the pinaccle of my modding endeavours for nms so far.

The mod is made by using amumss lua scripting. To update the mod in the future, just drag and drop it into the ModScript folder of amumss and use builmod.bat.

For questions, suggestions or anything else you can contact me here: or on the NMS modding discord.

If you like my work and want to motivate me making updates and extensions to the mod a donation could save my day, thanks ;)

-> If you like to Support me:
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Thank you from the bottom of my heard ! Every support is helping me and makes a difference.