No Man's Sky
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Increases Harvesting (10x or 100x) (Gain more resources) (Through the Optical Drill Multi-tool Upgrade)
Makes the Launch Cost 0 (Through the Efficient Thrusters Starship Upgrade)
Makes the Jetpack Unlimited (Through the Neural Stimulator Exosuit Upgrade)

Permissions and credits
No Launch Cost Via Efficient Thrusters Starship Upgrade
Unlimited Jetpack Via Neural Stimulator Exosuit Upgrade
Harvest increase via the Optical Drill Multi-Tool Upgrade

Choose one of the following:

1) No Launch Cost
2) Optical Drill X10
3) Optical Drill X10 AND No Launch Cost
4) Optical Drill X10 AND Unlimited Jetpack AND No Launch Cost
5) Optical Drill X100
6) Optical Drill X100 AND No Launch Cost
7) Optical Drill X100 AND Unlimited Jetpack AND No Launch Cost 
8) Unlimited Jetpack
9) Unlimited Jetpack AND No Launch Cost


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