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Standalone program for improving No Man's Sky's wonky VR photo mode screenshots, which are stretched by default.
With options for both replacement and renaming, this program allows you to safely fix batches of images.

Permissions and credits
By default, No Man's Sky's VR photo mode screenshots appear to be stretched horizontally. By changing their aspect ratio to 1:1 (square) I've discovered that the shots look much more natural.
This Program has become redundant because the NMS devs recently patched the issue! I will keep the repository up as a record, but this tool no longer provides a utility for players.
For evidence that this tool is genuinely making the screenshots look more like the in-game environments they're capturing; notice that in the VR originals, perfect circles are stretched into ovals, but when edited via this tool they return to perfect circles.
(See examples in the media tab)

The base program is a simple script to perform this operation on a batch of images.
In addition, I created a nifty GUI version with a few useful options, allowing you to rename converted files to your liking while preventing accidental replacement of originals. 

Version Documentation on GitHub:

Download either version here on Nexus Mods in the Files Tab or from the GitHub above.

Table of Contents:
  1. Installation
  2. Features (GUI ver)
  3. Usage Guide
  4. Screenshot Examples
  5. Reporting Issues
  6. Acknowledgements 
  7. Personal Plug

1. Installation 
Program Wiki: Download and Execution

Requirement: To run this program you need to have java installed on your computer.
Once you've downloaded the program, double click the file or right click and select "Open". The program should be Open!

2. Features (GUI ver)
  • choose source and output folder
  • choose to rename or keep the same name
  • choose text to be added
  • choose between adding the text at beginning or end
  • behavior pane explaining the effects of the settings
  • cancel execution midway
  • expansive error and warning popups
  • choose program behavior if an error is encountered

3. Usage Guide  
Program Wiki: Homepage
For a full usage guide check out the wiki I created for this program on GitHub via the above link.

Notable pages:

4. Screenshot Examples  
Program Wiki: Before and After Screenshots
Example screenshots can be found in the Media Tab here on Nexus Mods or at the GitHub link above.

5. Reporting Issues
GitHub: Report an Issue
If you encounter any bugs, or if you'd just like to give a suggestion, the best way to reach me is to post an "Issue" to my GitHub.

6. Acknowledgements  
Big thanks to my friend hilightnotes, creator of the fantastic NMS "Clean HUD and roomscale VR" mod.
He brought this issue up to me, provided me with all the NMS screenshots, and helped me set up this page. Great dude.

7. Personal Plug
If you found this program useful consider giving it a star on GitHub! I'm job searching right now, so it would mean a lot to get that kind of engagement. Yet another link to the GitHub

Thank you for taking a look, have a great day!