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Makes starship, multi-tool and exosuit upgrades at the Space Station and drop pods free. Add Freighter slots free. Adds drop scanner options to find Crashed Starships, Multi-Tool, Drop Pod, Portal and Library locations.

Permissions and credits
(Thanks especially to @monkeyman192, @Wbertro, @Lo2k for mod help.)

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Use only one of the following 3 mods from "".

1. "DropScanner-FreeUpgrades.pak" (This includes both 2. and 3.)
2. "DropScanner.pak" (Changes scan types to choose from)
3. "Free Upgrades.pak" (Upgrades Starships, Multi-tools and Freighter Slots)


Main Features:

1) The Starship salvage module at the Space Station adds free slots to your Starship and also upgrades your Starship Class for free.
The Multi-tool upgrade station at the Space Station adds free slots to your Multi-tool and also upgrades your Multi-tool Class for free.
The freighter upgrade station on the freighter adds free slots to your freighter.



2) The Cryochambers at the Space Station and at Drop Pods add free slots to your Exosuit.




3) The Drop Scanner has new options. Scan the planet for:

-Crashed Starships.
-Minor Settlements to search for different Multi-tools.
-Exosuit Drop Pod locations.
-Portal locations.
-Habitable Outposts. (Feature on older NMS versions)

XHEAD (Enhanced Signal Booster Dec 2018) inspired these drop scanner changes.




This mod makes it less cumbersome to seek out starships and multi-tools posted on No Man's Sky Coordinate Exchange.

Tasks made easier by this mod:
-Upgrading your starship.
-Upgrading your multi-tool.
-Upgrading you exosuit slots.
-Upgrading your freighter slots.
-Searching for a portal.
-Checking different Minor Settlements for a particular multi-tool.
-Searching for a particular "crashed" starship. (Be patient when looking for the better style ships as they are more rare)

Thanks for trying out this mod.

versions :
v3.34 Updated for NMS v3.34 (Expeditions)
v3.21 Updated for NMS v3.21 (Companions)
v3.13 Updated the main mod UpgradeTools.pak for NMS v3.13 (3.12 on console). Added Lua Files archive seperately.
v3.10 Moved optional files to old files section. Updated the main mod to NMS v3.10. Other files don't need update.
v3.03 Updated the main mod UpgradeTools.pak for NMS v3.03 (Oct 9, 2020).
v3.02 Replaces the scanner's Manufacturing Facility with the Library (New to NMS Origins). Changed version numbering scheme.
v3.0.3 Added lua file to Free Suit Upgrades.pak file.
v3.0.2 Added free Exosuit upgrades at the Space Station and at Drop Pods. Multiple slots can be added at same Cryochamber.
v3.0.1 Added unlimited Jetpack and No Launch Cost mods.
v3.0: Added free Multi-tool upgrades at Space Station.
v2.6.3 : Added "DropScanner.lua" file. Added an updated LMSaMT.pak file to optional files.
v2.6.2.2 : Added "Free Upgrades.lua" file.
v2.6.2.1 : Added "DropScannerHard.pak" file. Added Free Freighter Slots to "Free Upgrades" mod.
v2.6.2 : Removed optional mods from main mod.
v2.6.1 : Separated optional mods and added them to "Optional files" section.
v2.6 : initial release