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ll62518475TheSecond - NooBzPoWaH - Backing vocals by Babscoole

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This is my attempt at updating the 'Legit Max Frigates-VISIONS' mod uploaded by dvkkha. Removes the RNG for Frigate classes and stats.

Updated for NMS "OMEGA" v.4.51 (Steam's build 13486027).

Permissions and credits
This is my attempt at updating the 'Legit Max Frigates-VISIONS' mod uploaded by dvkkha, which makes Frigates spawn with best initial stats and always as S class, for Desolation 2.62.
Seeing that he/she isn't very active, and since its basically just the original game files with changed values, and not an entirely new content, I did not feel like asking for ''permission'' to try and update this mod. And due to this nature, no one (including me) can claim ownership of this mod, but rather, claim the effort put in - not to mention the fact that there might be similar mods affecting the same files in similar ways (its a mindfuck, I know. Dont think too much about it).

Regardless of that, the original credits of effort and naming for this particular mod belong to dvkkha, along with someone named "Ray Khouri" who the author worked with (I dont know either of them personally, or at all). I simply put some of my own effort into trying to update this. Otherwise I wouldnt know where and what to even look for. Lol.

While a quick test showed me that it seems to be working, I would appreciate if others were to test it and give feedback. Those that are more capable can look at the files themselves and tell me if everything is in order. If there are any noticeable problems in-game, ABSOLUTELY make sure first that its not a mod conflict. Otherwise I will refuse to deal with you.
I only did this as a ''quick fix'' for those that may have wanted this mod updated. Due to the mentioned nature of the mod, youre free to update, tweak and re-upload your version of this as you see fit. However, dont forget to give credit to dvkkha and "Ray Khouri", as they are the original creators of it, and it is on their effort that you would be building your versions of this. Im a lazy bastard, so Id rather prefer someone to upload an ongoing (exact) version of this. Or the owner to come back to support it again... :D But for now I guess I will try to fix if anything is wrong (assuming its not a mod conflict). If im asked, I might even update this regularly. But thats a BIG maybe, as im not that confident in myself with code editing.

The following files get modified by this mod:
METADATA (folder)
REALITY (folder)
TABLES (folder)



Delete the Disablemods.txt in your No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS directory.
Put the mod file in your No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\Mods folder.

Compatible with NMS "OMEGAv.4.51 ( Steam's Build 13486027 )

An .lua file is provided to be merged via "AMUMSS" with any other Mod providing some lua file(s) and modifying 'GCFLEETGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN' or 'FRIGATETRAITTABLE.MBIN'.

To merge Mods with "AMUMSS" it's real easy !

You would have to choose a lua file from the Mod you'd want to merge and the one from our Mod, 
put them both in the "ModScript" AMUMSS' folder, run "BUILDMOD.bat", answer Y(es) to the first 2 questions 
and whatever you want for the last ones, then get the pak file, to use instead of the ones coming from our two Mods,
(that can be renamed to whatever) in "CreatedModPAKs".

That merge needs to be done again every time a Mod is updating !

See "How to use AMUMSS" for updated tips.