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What this mod does is it tweaks various creature related stuff (Size, Spawn Rates, Possibilities) to make the overall game experience a bit better

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Creature Sizes: Now depend on the type of animal. For instance fish are now fish sized, rodents are rodent sized (cant get huge), all dinos are Huge, cows are cow sized etc. Makes for good variety and preventing stuff like seeing a tiny cow on a planet and then 20 meters further seeing the same cow that is now the size of the goddamn Chrysler building. (This does not take effect on the unlocked version)

Creature Spawns: Have been increased. More creatures spawn in 1 Square KM (x1.25 times). 

Creature Planet Probabilities: Have been tweaked to increase variety on each planet. Dead planets are still dead but other planet types will have a bigger variety of creatures on them.

Bird Group Sizes: Have been increased.

Prehistoric Animals: Have increased spawn probabilities on Low, Med and Full planets.

Flying Snakes: Have increased spawn probabilities on Low, Med and Full planets.

Several Other Stuff...


Creature Planet Probabilities: Have been Re-tweaked to ensure greater Variation.

Creature Packs (Group Sizes): Have been increased for small animals, prey and passive, and have been decreased for Giant
creatures, Small and big Predators. You should now see lone T-rex's hunting or smaller predators up to packs of 3.

Dinosaurs, Sea Creatures, Grunts: I have now added files to the game which where not being used. Specifically for dinosaurs, big sea creatures  and grunts (small humanlike cuties). Those now can spawn on low, medium and full biomes, with low, medium and high probabilities respectively. Take note you could potentially find some of those before but not with the same variation. This adds whole new creature files. The three last screenshots showcase the dinosaurs, the files of which where added (well a possible variation of them on one planet).

Unlocked Sizes: I added an "Unlocked Sizes" version as requested. What this does is, instead of limiting the creature sizes (Fish being only fish sizes, T-rexes being only huge, Rodents being only small etc.) it allows ALL creature types to be ALL sizes.

Low Planets: Fixed the bug where there was fauna on every low planet.

Flying snakes: Are now much bigger than vanilla and can be seen in bigger groups.

Predators: More creatures are now predators.

You DO NOT need to start a new game for this mod to work. Generally you DO NOT even need to change solar systems!

I have also included a version with Walkers (Medium Spawn Probabilities) for anyone that wants it. Credit for walkers goes to Decky Doodles. Check out his mod here:
Also I have to thank "JustRuthless" for the screenshots. Thanks man :)

None Yet...

Edit: It's been a while since I updated creatures revamped but its for a good reason and awesome things are coming. First to come will be different creatures per biome and per planet and after that alot of goodies. No more seeing all the same stuff. :D

For questions, problems, requests etc. add me on discord:
pamehabai6 #5480.

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