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Makes it much harder to make money by drastically increasing buy-prices (but not sell-prices), reducing what you get from cargo drops, increasing some component build-costs, reducing the value of salvage/ancient bones/storm crystals, and many other changes. Works best with a new game.

Permissions and credits
I felt is was too easy to make units early in a game.  Within a couple of hours of starting a new game you could easily buy an S-Class scanner upgrade, or collect fossils, or storm crystals, etc.  The units would roll in very quickly and... I wanted it to take much longer to even feel like you were slightly established.

Here is a more comprehensive list of the changes and the rationale:
  • There is now a large price differential between buying and selling.  If you want to make money by trading, this probably isn't the mod for you.  This makes it so there is a much longer period where you are harvesting basic resources rather than just buying in bulk from the space station.
  • Nav data is cheaper - this was a very easy source of (very) early game income & has therefore been removed.
  • Salvaged data is cheaper
  • Changed value of gold/silver to discourage long periods space-mining.
  • Ancient bones / salvage / storm crystals are now cheaper
  • The build cost of antimatter has been drastically increased.  I wanted to feel like having access to a new system was much more of an event, and now it is.  You (mostly) won't be handed antimatter or hyperdrive fuel by anyone either.
  • Scanner upgrades are now build-able rather than purchase-able (I couldn't see how to actually remove from the shop so instead have just absurdly inflated the price).  You can find the new recipes on the anomaly.  I am not 100% happy with how this works now, but it's functional and I can't see a better way (yet).
  • As purchase-able upgrades were generally better than the recipes you can unlock, I felt their nanite cost should be higher.  I have slightly increased the nanite rewards you get from some sources to compensate.
  • The rewards you get from cargo drops, jettison pods, etc. have been lowered.  You also can't get microchips from them, meaning you do actually have to earn units as the tutorial quest tells you to do!
  • The rewards locked behind having Atlas Pass 1 are unchanged, but the pass is now harder to build.
  • I've changed some refiner recipes which involved adding oxygen to multiply up the amount of a material.  These are now much worse.
  • Your starting weapon is much worse.  Hopefully you can trade it in at the first space station.  Hopefully.
  • You need an Atlas Pass v3 to open the new buried caches added by Origins - there's some good stuff in there!

The mod is called Harsh Economy for a reason.  It is meant to be harsh.  It probably isn't for most people.

Updated for Companions.  Script in optional files to allow for it to be maintained through updates to NMS.

Edits these files if you;re worried about conflicts with other mods: