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Some tiny little Bits that do the job.

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Icons that are hard to see and very much less joyful to the eye of the already lonesome space traveler :°

Some icons you can forget about while watching the scenery or gazing at the stars but they'll be there if they are what you want to look at.

Same transparent black background and off-white, like the cooldowns, to respect the vanilla chart color.
Just the most important icons in space kept a touch of their original color.

I recommand Use the binoculars (less icons) and No Scanning Eyes or Warnings Drone Sign mods from Satchelite as your, as well as mine, intention is to have a more immersive experience and/or a less cluttered user interface.


1 - As previously stated "Even Less Intrusive Icons" version was temporary available to download. Now to obtain the same effect you'll have to use the updated version of "Use the binoculars mod" mentionned in the description.
2 - The sentinel's blue eye and the aggressive creatures red paw icons will soon be included in the pack. I didn't think about those because I use No Scanning Eyes or Warnings Drone Sign.

1 - New version (2.0) merges the both files: Scan Icons and Building Icons into one.
2 - The Building Icons have been remade completely. Tell me if something is missing please. The reason is these icons were made quickly to answer the demand and I missed one point: to keep the original form of the icons (hexagon, octagon, round) as they are often accompanied by a directional arrow when the location is not in the field of vision. The old blason alike background didn't fit that purpose.
3 - A second version is delivered and that's the one I use personnaly: Even Less Intrusive Icons. The motivation here is the fact that I wanted to hide some icons in a specific way that fits better Less Intrusive Icons than  Satchelite's "Use the binoculars" did. The principle remains the same: use your.. (guess what) to show up the icons on the HUD.

1 - The file _MOD.LessIntrusiveScanIcons has been renamed into _MOD.zLessIntrusiveScanIcons.
2 - The Ship icon has been added to the Less Intrusive Scan Icons.pak to overwrite the one from Use the binoculars (less icons).
3 - A revamp of the building icons in _MOD.LessIntrusiveBuildingIcons is on the way.

1 - Less Intrusive Scan Icons includes Space Station icon by default.
2 - Less Intrusive Building Icons is launched.

1 - Added a .pak of all the other icons, like those for the buildings in the optionnal downloads. This needs more testing so you're most welcome
to report anything that doesn't work or that you wish different. And remember:
"The only good bug is a dead bug." (Johnny Rico)
2 - Added a version to work with Use the binoculars (less icons)
Added 2 buildings icons to overwrite those present in Satchelite's mod: