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NomNom is a savegame editor but also shows you additional information around the data you're about to change. You can also easily look up each item individually to examine its attributes, independently of a savegame, or get other useful information that are not related to a specific one (but enhanced if one is loaded).

Permissions and credits
NomNom is currently in alpha state. This means for your that things may be a little buggy and the UI is definitely not final. If you encountered bugs or when you think something doesn't work as expected or could be improved, let me know!

All available features are tested while implemented but mistakes can happen, so be aware of that and backup your saves!

As the pre-release-state indicates, not all planned features are already implemented. The complete list of already implemented FEATURES and the ROADMAP of things to come would be way to long here, so please follow the links if you're interested.

The features can be divided into the different main parts:
  • Manager Manage your saves!
    • Automatic backup.
    • Save your save as human-readable JSON.
    • Copy, move, and swap slots to another.
    • Delete your save.
  • Editor Edit your save for your needs!
    • Ability to manage fleets, change data values like currencies and stats, and organize inventories.
    • Ability to fast travel to any system you like, trigger space battles, and clear portal interference.
    • Ability to edit your knowledge and recorded experiences.
  • Catalogue Explore all the items!
    • Just as in-game, look up items and get additional information about it.

Have a look at the screenshots as well, to see what NomNom is capable of.

NomNom supports most of the platforms No Man's Sky is available on, including, Microsoft Store, and Steam on PC, PlayStation 4 with Save Mouter and SaveWizard, PlayStation 5 via save transfer from PS4, and Xbox via cloud sync of the Microsoft Store.

Note that unlike Steam, reloading of modified saves in a loaded game does not always work in the Microsoft Store version, and the timestamp is never updated. If you do not see the changes you made, you can try reloading your game from the mode selection, but if they still do not appear or a new game is started, close the whole game without saving (otherwise you will overwrite your existing save) and restart it. You will then see the updated timestamp and the game will load with your changes.

For PlayStation and Microsoft Store you get the best result if you start the game AFTER applying your changes. Otherwise, you may not see them and need to restart the game anyway as stated above.

The latest version of NomNom is built with Endurance (3.94) in mind but is compatible with Beyond (2.11) and up. If you use it with a game version branch above (e.g. 4.0), things should work as usual in most cases but there can always be breaking changes.

  1. After downloading and extracting the zip file you'll find a few files. All you need to care about is the executable (NomNom.exe) but new folders may    be created at runtime (e.g. for backups) that will become relevant to you.
  2. You may want to create a shortcut to the executable for easier access.
  3. As the tool includes an automatic backup functionality you don't need to do it manually but if you want to be absolutely safe, do it.
  4. At first start the tools tries to locate your saves at the default location of each platform but if that fails, you must select it manually.
  5. Select a slot.
  6. Start tinkering!
  7. Catalogue will work without loading a save.

If you like NomNom and want to support me in its further development, you can do so via the donation options above or on Buy Me a Coffee, GitHub, and Patreon. I will appreciate it!
There won't be a paywall though.

The is also a dedicated Discord server where you'll find all information at one place, firsthand. Please read the rules first, to gain full access. If you need (or want to offer) help, found a bug, have a suggestion, or something else regarding NomNom, you will find, or can post it there.

Issues created here on Nexus Mods or via another channel will of course also be addressed.

Header image by Orioto.