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Various options for making getting a good ship and multi-tool easier.

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Finding a good ship or multi-tool is layer upon layer of RNG in the base game. Every one can spawn at one of 4 classes, with random base stats, random inventory slots, and random tech slots. Ships also spawn as one of three sizes. I got fed up with this, so I decided to remove the RNG. There are multiple options available, use only one

Max Stats - Every ship and multi-tool spawns with maximum base stats, inventory slots, and tech slots. These maximums conform to the size limits for ships. S-class will only spawn in wealthy systems.

Max Stats True Max - The same as Max Stats, but ships do not respect size limits - every ship size has the same limits as a 'large' version of that ship class.

Max Stats S Everywhere - The same as Max Stats, but S class will spawn in every system.

Death to RNG - True Max and S Everywhere combined. 

Max Stats True Max 48 Exo - The one I personally use. The same as True Max, but also gives every exocraft 48 inventory slots.

Anything that modifies INVENTORYTABLE will not be compatible with this. Anything that doesn't, will be.