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Disable any voiceover messages in game. All languages supported.

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Please check out NMSAE - No Man's Sky Audio Editor. It can do everything this can and more.

Who else is annoyed when exosuitOS screams when various protection levels are anything less than %94.2?

This mod will allow you to disable ANY voiceover message in ALL languages. You can choose to disable warnings about your shield, life support, protection systems, inventory, etc. Each one can be toggled independently. I have also added the ability to LISTEN to any of the voiceover samples (in English) to preview what you are disabling. Also included script to unpack mod for those that want it. 
Special thanks to u/mseiei for transcribing the voice lines.

  1. Extract folder
  2. Run "build.bat" and select the voiceover files you would like to disable
    • You can put a "+" (plus sign) before a number to hear an audio sample in English of what you are disabling (like this: +2)
  • Move newly created file "_MOD.Jackalopalen.ShutUp.ver.pak" to /GAMEDATA/PCBANKS in your NMS installation folder
    • ex: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS
  • Done!

    1. Remove mod file from /GAMEDATA/PCBANKS to uninstall

    If you don't know the meaning of "packed" and "unpacked" don't do this
    1. After building, but with the mod .pak file still in the same directory, run "unpack.bat" (this will unpack ALL .pak files in the same directory)

    Enter "UUDDLRLRBAS" to disable all