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This mod "fixes" lights within the game to actually emit light (and therefore light up areas).

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Buildable lights within NMS don't actually emit any (or very little) light. They're mostly cosmetic instead of actually being useful. This was bugging me up to the point where I started modding just to be able to fix that specific issue. I soon discovered there are many more lights within NMS and "fixing" all of them is going to take a lot more time. Therefor I'll be releasing parts everytime instead of only 1 big mod. So keep an eye on updates as they come available.


This update is for the Desolation update of the game. I've updated both the standard and the soft versions of the mod. Unfortunately updating the NMSLightsFixer tool will take quite a bit more time as it's much more complicated. But I'll do my best!


This updates the mod to game verions 2.40.x The files that this mod affects were not affected by the Mecha update. This update is just to keep it consistent. You're NOT required to download this version in order to make it work with the Mecha update. The previous version will work just fine.

I've added a Soft version for the mod that will lower the intensity of all lights except for the standing lights. This version is for users that mainly build lamps in areas that are already lighted by the game itself (freighters / prefabs). Do NOT use both versions at the same time!

There was a small issue with NMSLightsFixer which caused it to pack mods the wrong way (and therefore mods created with it didn't work). That issue has now been resolved. If you don't want to lose the changes you've already made with this program, only replace the NMSLightsFixer.exe file with what you already have. Leave the other files in place.

Create your own LightFix mod with NMSLightsFixer!
I've created a nice little program that will allow you to create your own LightFix mods! This little program does all the hard work for you in the background. All you have to do is select the lamp(s) you want to change, change the values and when completely done, click File -> Create LightFix Mod.

A small note though: Certain lamps are not available in this program. Namely the Lab Lamp and the Light Table lamp. The reason for this is because they're far more complex than the other lamps (they have multiple light sources). The whole point of this tool is to keep it as simple as possible. If you want to do more complex stuff, I'm afraid learning how to mod is your only option.

First part: Buildable lights

List of lights that have been fixed:
  • Ceiling light
  • Lab light
  • Light table
  • Small light
  • Standing light 1, 2, 3
  • Wall light blue, green, pink, red, white, yellow

Specific details about the changes made:
  • Standing lights 1 and 2 have their field of view changed from 360 degrees to 105 and rotated downwards slightly (turns them into directional lights)
  • Wall lights have their field of view changed from 360 degrees to 180 and rotated 90 degrees (so they don't emit light through the walls behind them)
  • All lights are changed from quadratic to linear as this emits much more light and widens the area affected
  • Several light intensity and RBG values have been changed to emit a lot of light while trying to prevent too much reflection

Files that have been modified:

This mod is not compatible with any other mods that modify the same files.

If you have any requests or tips for improvement, please do leave a message. I can't possibly make everyone happy, but I'll certainly do my best to find the perfect balance!