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Gives space stations a redesign and fixes several issues.

Permissions and credits
Space Station Revamp
Author JJhookah
Version 1.5
                                                                                 Optional versions now available : see below.
Please note : For this mod to look and work as intended it MUST be used with "Space Station Interior Fix" by Lo2k.
Also please follow install/uninstall procedure as described and advice regarding Hello Games updates.

Space Station Revamp gives space stations a make over with a touch of "Station Ventilation" for those who remember it and redesign to address several issues that came with the Beyond update that sadly remain unfixed.

1. Outer landing pads have been moved to the center two rows to allow all bigger ships to fit into space stations without clipping through walls and walkways.
This also minimizes or fixes the same issue with third person camera going through walls as ships land and rotate.

2. Complete redesign of longer launch tube to eliminate unpleasant flickering of light at space station entrance and give more height and width for ships to prevent them clipping through walls on entry/exit and suddenly appearing through the roof.

3. Short launch tube re-scaled and modified to address the same issue.

4. Restored ship customiser to space station with Redesign to look more appropriate as of  V 1.1

5. Made attachment for character customiser to ceiling instead of hanging off a very thin light.

6. Removed annoying slow opening doors to back rooms.

7. All other changes are cosmetic as seen in pictures.

Note : To fix some collision issues caused by re-scaling of some parts of the dock, some areas that were previously accessible are now off limits
and designated with a visible force field.

Solar system colours will show on white walls helping space stations to feel a bit different from one another. { see pics }

Entrance beam to sphere shaped space stations is not scaled correctly at the moment and may not ever be.
This mod isn't perfect and doesn't fix everything that's wrong with space stations but it's the best I could do.

All comments and feedback welcome.

Install :

Before installing to avoid any issues please make sure your current game save is NOT on a space station.
This is also recommended for uninstall.
Download and install "Space Station Interior Fix" by Lo2k.

Extract Space.Station.Revamp.pak from zip to No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder.

Create Mods folder if you don't already have one.
Remove or rename DISABLEMODS.TXT file from PCBANKS folder.

Uninstall :

To avoid any issues please make sure your current game save is NOT on a space station.
Delete Space.Station.Revamp.pak from No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder.

Advice on Hello Games updates and this mod :

Should a future Hello Games update break this mod and your current game save was on a landing pad that was re-positioned, please use the space station teleporter to travel to a another space station or to your base instead of trying to fly off.
This will reset your ship on a landing pad/planet and solve any issues.

Made with TubOcrisco's excellent NMS MODDING STATION.
Special thanks to monkeyman192 for compilers.
Thanks to Lo2k for "Space Station Interior Fix" which saved me from doing a heap more work !

V 1.1
Restored ship customiser to space station as requested by CrazedAnthem and changed it's appearance.
{ See new pics }

V 1.2
Improved exterior entry beam scaling to sphere shaped space stations.
Fixed gap in wall on right side of space station.
Changed wall texture behind customisers in black space stations to fix issue of small light sitting across a gap.
Removed one set of canisters behind ship customiser for better fit.
Standing Light fixes:
Removed three stages of brightness from standing lights.
Fixed missing collision from standing lights.
Fixed badly placed standing light at top of stairs on left side of space station.

V 1.3
Fixed issue of ship customiser menus not displaying properly in VR.
Thanks to Acrilix555 for help with VR testing.
Removed an unused file.

V 1.4
Updated for compatibility with "Docking Fix" mod.

V 1.5
All versions updated for 2.61.1 Desolation.
Repositioned scrap dealer NPC to new interactive weapons display wall. {see new pics}

2.61.1 compatible.

Modifies :



Optional versions:

Space Station Revamp V 1.5 Black :
Keeps all station walls the vanilla black finish.

Space Station Revamp V 1.5 Black White :
Has some stations with white walls and some stations with black walls.

See last pics for black walls images.