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This mod increases the amount of currency you get with faster word learning and increased resource gathering options. Frigate (Freighter) Expeditions are also included now with a separate file!
Companions update (3.21)

Permissions and credits
Better Rewards increases the amount of units, nanite clusters and quicksilver you get from completing missions or interacting with objects in the world. Non npc word learning (such as knowledge stones and dictionaries) is also faster.


Currency gain is roughly increased by 5 times, so as to make it a viable option besides crafting and selling valuable tradeables. Some unit values were tremendously increased (eg.: from minimum amount of 1000-2000 to 20000-50000) like the terminals in abandoned settlements to make the early game less grindy.

  • Space station missions and Nexus missions
  • Interactable objects/devices (abandoned buildings, damaged machinery, waypoints, etc.)
  • Sentinels
  • Alien interactions


Learning words from non npc interactions (knowledge stones and dictionaries) is also 3 times faster (3 words learned form a single knowledge stone).


When gathering with the mining beam you generally get 3 times more resources (but only when the things explode as you mine them). Also includes containers, depots, guild rewards, asteroids and ships that drop resources.

Frigate (Freighter) Expedition Rewards

After a successful expedition, when collecting your rewards you get 5x more units and nanites, 2x more products like Storage Augmentation and NipNip Buds and 3x more resources like Copper, Emeril and Cadmium.


Make sure you delete or edit DISABLEMODS.TXT in your game library (...\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS) before trying to use mods. Extract the zip file to ...\Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder and you are good to go (Create MODS folder if you don't have one). Alternatively you can just use Vortex to download and install.

This mod modifies the REWARDTABLE.MBIN and EXPEDITIONREWARDTABLE.MBIN file and will not work with other mods that use those tables.

AMUMSS and .lua files

I created a little guide if anyone is struggling with AMUMSS and lua files.
The guide:

Links for the guide
- AMUMSS mod page:
- Notepad++:


3.21: Companions compatibility update
3.13: Next Gen compatibility update (also used 3.12 MBIN Compiler so might be some bugs here and there, will update if needed when 3.13 comes out)
3.10: Halloween updates reverted (Quicksilver from Derelict Freighters)
3.05: Origins hotfix + some items/changes added
3.01: Updated to Origins
2.62: Changed mod version to match current patch version
1.2.1: Salvaged Data rewards increased
1.2: Frigate (Freighter) Expeditions are also included now with a separate file
1.1: Added lua script to fully customize the mod
1.0.2: Added increased resource option
1.0.1: Reverted fugitive starship rewards until fix
1.0: Initial release

Updated to NMS version 3.21 on 2021.02.25