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This MOD removes all camera shake and extends the photo mode camera to 1000u. Starship
camera rotation has been increased to 180 degrees and an additional 20 photographic
filters have been added to camera mode.

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Coded from the ground up for Synthesis 2.22

All camera shaking has been removed both on the ground and in space.
Many take photos in No Man's Sky, so this MOD is designed to enhance that capability. Photo 
mode has been increased to a range of 1000u on the ground, and 2000u in space. Camera 
collision has been removed to reduce bouncing for close up shots. An additional 20 photo filters 
have been reactivated, they were already in the files, but inactive. The names seem to be 
associated elsewhere, so a few are incorrect, but the filters themselves work fine.

In addition, the camera angle range has been increased from 15 degrees to 180 degrees in space.
Files effected in this MOD are:
Installation, as always:
1) Create the MODS folder within  ...No Mans Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS if it does not exist.
2) Unzip and copy the "ZRatCraft - Camera Enhancements and Filters 2.22.pak" file to the MODS folder.
3) Rename or delete the DISABLEMODS.TXT file if it exists.
4) Start the game and take lots of pictures.