No Man's Sky
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Prof Horatio Hafnaugels

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Ground textures fix + spawn delay reduction + farther LOD switch + increased draw distance.

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Fine LOD 2.61

After a long wait, here you are the new version which is compatible with Desolation Update.
Since I had very little time to test, please report any issues as soon as possible.
That's it.

Fine LOD 2.42

Along with full compatibility with the latest game version, this update comes with some extra fixes and improvements; hence I'm going to write a short changelog.

There we go.

  • Fixed an issue introduced by Beyond update that caused the water to render too low when looking from above the surface (it renders fine when underwater). This is expecially noticeable when swimming in 3rd person view (see the screenshots), because the ripples around the character model show around the knees instead of the shoulders.
  • Fixed an issue that made some trees to suddenly pop in instead of using the fade effect when flying in ship (works only in ultra version).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the mod to take full advantage of increased spawn distance when flying in ship.
  • Made some tweaks to make the LOD switch more subtle and therefore less distracting when flying in ship.


About Fine LOD

  • [ all versions ] Fixes the low res / muddy / slow loading textures issue that shows when tessellation is enabled.
  • [ all versions ] Fixes the water rendering too low when the view is over the surface.
  • [ all versions ] Reduces the time taken to spawn rocks and flora around the player, making harder to 'outrun' them.
  • [ all versions ] Increases LOD switching distances making high res models to appear sooner (works only if planet quality is set to high or ultra).
  • [ all versions ] Slows down clouds.
  • [ all versions ] Removes third party logos from startup screen.
  • [ ultra version ] Increases spawn and draw distance (x2) of pretty much everything.
  • [ ultra version ] Fixes some trees pop-in when flying with ship.

Side effects

  • Slightly lower fps.


  • The ultra version is more taxing than the lite one, but nothing a GTX 1080 (or equivalent) can't handle at [email protected] and everything set on ultra.
  • Owners of less powerful cards can lower shadow quality and GTAO and still get good frame rates.
  • If the game complains about your drivers being outdated, update them.


  • All versions will conflict with the mods that change:
  • In addition, the ultra version will conflict with these files too: