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ExhaustBearing-Biostar Ten

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New and Improved for Living Ship Spawns
Spawns Every type of Ship in Every system (as available)
ALL S class
48 cargo slots in every ship purchased.
48 Technology slots in in every ship purchased.
24 Technology slots in every MultiTool
48 slots in Exocraft now too.
First Author that gave 48 Tech

Permissions and credits
Thanks to Curiosity and hardly ever being satisfied with "someone elses" Mods'
48 Cargo and 48 Tech slots (
ALL ship types available Anywhere, even ALIEN ONES
Well, almost. You won't find any A, B, or C ships. and only one type of alien ship per system.

special thanks to Bungle08  Who's idea I Just had to improved because it's cooler.
The pictures I uploaded are from a, oh, 10 minute stand around in my starting system. No, I didn't take a picture of all of them.

Biostar Ten-ExhaustBearing
Made with and Thanks to:
Neat little program that does it all by itself, OR you can load a blank mbin and do it by "reading and editing" a Lua file
Just as neat, extracts all the files for you, but doesn't make them.
nice way to compare Exml's
Mbin decompiler, check often for updates

Go to Steam/steamapps/common/nomanssky/Gamedata/PCBANKS
and delete (disablemods.text)

Then R+click, add Folder. Name the Folder "MODS". Insert extracted pak files from mods into MODS folder.

This Mod is non-returnable, you can remove it, but purchased ships will probably still have 48+48