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Mjjstral aka MetaIdea and NooBzPoWaH -Backing vocals by Babscoole

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Removes pirate spawns in space and random (drone) sentinel spawns on planets.

Compatible with NMS "FRONTIERS" v.3.67 (Steam's Build 7364940).

Permissions and credits
Removes Pirate spawns in space and random (drone) Sentinel spawns on planets.

No more Random Sentinels out in the wild, but they should still be around locations such as :
"Manufacturing Facility", "Operations Center" & "Depot" (Resource Depot).
(Except for the "Ultimate" variation)

Four variations to choose from :
"No Pirates"
"No Random Sentinels"
"No Random Sentinels and No Pirates"
"No Random Sentinels and No Pirates Ultimate"


Some lua files are provided for each variation to be merged via "AMUMSS"
with any other Mod providing some lua file(s) and modifying 'GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL.MBIN'.

To merge Mods with "AMUMSS" it's real easy !

You would have to choose a lua file from the Mod you'd want to merge and one from the variation of our Mod, 
put them both in the "ModScript" AMUMSS' folder, run "BUILDMOD.bat", answer Y(es) to the first 2 questions 
and whatever you want for the last ones, then get the pak file, to use instead of the ones coming from our two Mods,
(that can be renamed to whatever) in "CreatedModPAKs".

That merge needs to be done again every time a Mod is updating !


The "Ultimate" variation :
Made with Creative GameMode in mind, as you won't meet any Sentinels at all
that could stop you from progressing in some base/scenario's missions and
won't let you get any "walker's brain" and other products & substances from them.


Compatibility : 

Compatible with NMS "FRONTIERSv.3.67 (Steam's Build 7364940)

3xperimental branch is not supported !

Modified Files :

The three first main files :

The Fourth "Ultimate" file :


Installation Instructions :

Manually :

- Put the "_MOD_......pak" file of your choice in your InstallPath\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder.
     (_MOD_NoPirates.pak OR _MOD_NoRandomSentinels.pak OR _MOD_NoRandomSentinels_NoPirates.pak)
                                                  (OR _MOD_NoRandomSentinels_NoPirates_Ultimate.pak)

If that folder doesn't exist, create it ("MODS" not Mods or mods or whatever, it's case sensitive and uppercase is the rule).


Via Vortex (Nexus new Mod Manager) :

Just click on the "Mod Manager Download" button corresponding with your chosen option.

In any case:

- Delete, remove or rename the file DISABLEMODS.txt from the PCBANKS folder.


Uninstallation :

What an horrible thing to do...
Delete the "_MOD_......pak" you've chosen to install from the different options.
That's it. Bye Bye ! ;)


This mod can be build and updated with AMUMSS tool.


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