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Three types available - a "Pure Black" version, Normal version, and Normal + DUD's Sky Hybrid version.

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What is this Mod?
The fresh new "Pure Black Edition" Features 160 different Stars that can be found in the infinite darkness of cold, empty space. No nebulas, no "space clouds"... just a star and some planets among a few trillion miles of nothingness.

As for the normal version...
This mod turns most space into a form of dark space, either all-dark or dark + distant nebulas. 

About 2 in 5 will be plain black space with one of 58 possible nebulae
About 2 in 5 will be plain black space.
About 1 in 5 will be one of the original Space color themes designed by the creators of No Man's Sky. Not a single set of space colors has been erased in this mod. Every one of them can still be found!

Version 1.2 adds a 2% chance of a Red Dwarf or a White Dwarf star system.
Also, blackens the back side of planets which appear in one of the vanilla-colored star systems.

Version 1.3 adds rare Red and Blue Giant stars.

Version 1.41 brings many colors to the stars of dark systems.

Jasondude-Exosolar Hybrid Expanse 1.5 is a hybrid of Expanse, and Jasondude's Space colors.

The game needs more color.

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About Available Versions
I keep all of my uploaded files marked (on the Files page) with their packing date and version of the MBINCompiler I used to pack it. Any older mod that is no longer compatible with the current version of No Man's Sky will be demoted to the "Old Files" subsection, but will remain available for download. If I have missed one, please tell me.

This means that any mod files which are not hidden or demoted to the "Old Files" area can be expected to work.

MBINCompiler versions exactly match the version of No Man's Sky that was current when the MBINCompiler was made. In other words, MBINCompiler version = NMS version. This fact can be used to figure out which Legacy mods work with which Legacy versions of No Man's Sky.


Installing any No Man's Sky Mod

Credits and Special Thanks!
Hello Games for making the wonderful, vast, and fun game, No Man's Sky!
monkeyman192 for the MBINCompiler and his continued efforts to keep it up-to-date
Tub0Crisco for the No Man's Sky Mod Station A.K.A. NMSMS

Big thanks to any and all of you lovely people who offer donations! It is greatly appreciated, and will help me buy lunch while I'm busy being a broke college student! :D

And, of course, all of the other modders who make mods too! It is very common that I inspect the work of other modders to learn how things are done. RangerDulannRedmasWoodyMontanajasondudeGumskMjjstralmoddinaccount, Devilin Pixy, saa044, and others have all helped me learn how to mod effectively! Without the other people mentioned here and their mods and applications, I would not be able to make any mods at all!

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" 
-Sir Isaac Newton