No Man's Sky
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Adds around 40 new biome possibilites, chances of abnormal weather, and chances of ambient filters.

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NOTE: Grass Fix is effectively included within Extra Biomes. Running Grass Fix with this mod will gain nothing and cause possible conflicts.
The freshly-uploaded version 0.17b is fully compatible with the Synthesis Update!

This mod is an effort to shuffle and expand upon normal in-game biomes. I encourage all to tell me about any problems you find or even just ideas on future biomes you would like to see become possible (using currently-existing assets and the like).

I want everyone to know that this is an unusual mod for me, it is a "beta" / W-I-P. You will see that in the v0.xx versioning I use only on this mod. 

--All of the stock worlds are still possible with this mod. They were not erased to make the new worlds.
--All of the planets in game will remain the same planet type as before. A "Lush" Planet will still be a Lush planet, A Frozen planet still Frozen, etc.
--Several disabled "dead", "Low" and "Mid" Life-level biomes have been revived. More planets will have a weaker presence of life than before. This will make the more dramatic and living planets that much more special and unique! (Don't worry, the proportions are not overwhelming, there's still plenty of life everywhere!)

--No changes are made to terrain shape or Space Station positioning, so you should not need to worry about burying bases or getting spaced when you load your save after installing the mod.

--Some planet types, particularly lush, have been given a possibility of having abnormal weather. You may even find a Jungle planet with Ice Storms!


--An optional Ambience Fog mod is included in the .zip file. This optional mod increases distance fog for aesthetic effect. It edits the GCSKYGLOBALS file which will be incompatible with some other popular mods. (Discontinued after 0.13)

Multiplayer and Lasting Effects
--The mod will leave no lasting effects on your planets. If the mod is removed, the planets will all revert to being exactly as they would have been if you had never installed the mod. Your bases will be untouched.
--Because no terrain is changed, playing online with others is fine, although unmodded players willl see different amounts of grass, different trees, etc.

Alters practically everything in: METADATA\SIMULATION\SOLARSYSTEM\BIOMES