No Man's Sky

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All Ships. Freighters. and Multitools.are now S Class.
Choose either all ship types, or just one type ie Fighters, or Exotics.

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Now Updated For Synthesis 2.24

All ships are now "S" class, have maximum stats for the ship type, and have 48 slots
in the main inventory.
The technology inventory has 14 slots only, instead of the max 21. This is because
the game sets the inventory at 4 rows of 7 if I try to set it to 21, and this is so
untidy ,and my OCD won't allow it lol.

All Freighters are "S" class and will have 34/9 slots, and have max hyperdrive stats.

All multi-tools are "S"class and will have 24 slots, and max stats for the tool type.

6 different mods are included in the zip file.
_Bungle-224Synth-48-14-All, Ships will spawn as vanilla, but of course with max slots, and stats.

_Bungle-224Synth-48-14-Exotics, just Exotics, with a few Fighters to break the monotony.

_Bungle-224Synth-48-14-Fighters, just Fighters with a few Exotics.

_Bungle-224Synth-48-14-Haulers, just Haulers with a few Exotics.

_Bungle-224Synth-48-14-Scientific, Just Scientifics with a few Exotics.

_Bungle-224Synth-48-14-Ugh-Shuttles, Just Shuttles(why?) with a few Exotics.
Please remember, you must use only one mod at a time.

The following files get modified by these mods:-
Any other mods that modify the same files, will not be compatible.

Delete the Disablemods.txt in your PCBANKS folder.
Put !ONE! of the mod files in your PCBANKS.MODS. folder.