No Man's Sky
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Hover. Faster Flight. Faster boost. 3x Pulse drive. Flatter Landing. No Reverse on planets.

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Hello and welcome to

Dazaster's Ship Flight for Living Ships.

( Ver 4 )
A ship flight mod.

Updated for LS. Not actually tested on a Living Ship at this time. Works fine on normal ships, including using pulse drive.

Hover, no reverse on planet
Faster flight
Bigger boost
Flat landing
Tighter turns
Faster combat
Faster pulse drive
Other stuff maybe

Extract to your MODS folder
Make sure DISABLEMODS.txt has been deleted.


Old Optional Ship Look Camera:
No longer available yet for LS. Do not use old version with LS.
Added optional 90' look camera. Enables you to swing the camera left and right when aboard your ship.
Will interfere with any other camera mods that use GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN

Optional Take-Off Cost
 Do not use old version with LS
Tried to do 1% fuel cost as before, however file is very different to Synthesis.
My changes seem to reduce cost to 0. Meh. Somebody else can bother with this.
Will interfere with mods that use NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE.MBIN

Ship Engine Trails
No ship engine trails with normal flight, ship pumps out trails when hitting the Boost Baby, Yeah!