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Disables the HUD completely (like from the graphics options). Simply toggle the HUD on and off with F5.

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If your NMSE is constantly crashing delete everything inside your \binaries\ folder and verify your cache (either with gog or steam)

Hey guys this will be the first official mod from the NMSE (I'm not counting the tab fix since it's included).
So this mod essentially does the Full HUD Disable when you press F5. To toggle it back on you just press F5 again :)


  • First you'll need NMSE installed. Tl;dr version of installing: Drag and drop the contents of the NMSEAlpha rar/zip into "...\No Man's Sky\Binaries\". If you didn't understand that try to follow the guide here
  • After you've made sure you have installed NMSE correctly (your NMS directory should look something like this don't worry if you have more DLL's in their than that). Now just drag and drop the contents of NoHUD into that same directory and click yes to copy/replace (you basically just want the NoHUD.dll inside NMSE).
  • Finally to launch the game with the mods just run NMSELauncher instead of through steam or whichever you use (I recommend making a shortcut on your desktop)

If you guys have any issues please comment and or message me. You can view the source on my github.