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Add passive regeneration with many options, a perk to boost LP regeneration and a respawn function.

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This mod adds:
A weak passive HP recovery and many options to adjust the regeneration.
A Perk to increase the passive HP regeneration.
A respawn function

You can change the regeneration value on this file:

If you do not want an option, set the value = 0.

RegenAmountCjavascript-event-stripped 0.3( HP ) How much life is generated at once.

MaxHpBjavascript-event-stripped 0.9( MaxHP % ) How much life is generated as a bonus of max life.
MinHpBjavascript-event-stripped 0.6 ( MinHP % ) The lower your life, the stronger the regeneration.

OverfillAmountCjavascript-event-stripped 0.15   ( MaxHP ) How much MaxHP is generated when you have full HP.
OverfillReductijavascript-event-stripped 0.08( MaxHP ) How much MaxHP will be deducted if you do not have the full HP.
Reductijavascript-event-stripped 100 ( MaxHP ) Under this limit, HP will no longer be deducted.
MaxHPLimitCjavascript-event-stripped 999    ( MaxHP ) The limit of MaxHP.

Perk = true( true/false ) Turns the perk ON or OFF.
PerkMultiply = 3( x ) Multiply the Regenamount, when the perk is active.

GlasCannjavascript-event-stripped true( true/false ) Turn the limit from the "Glas Cannon" perk ON or OFF.
GlasCannjavascript-event-stripped 50( MaxHP ) Overwrite the MaxHP limit.

Respawn = true ( true/false ) Respawn to starting position when you die.
RespawnLimited = true ( true/false ) If true, you have a limited amount of life.
Lives = 5 ( x ) How many lives do you have, if "RespawnLimited" is true.
AddIfRespawnPerk = true( true/false ) Add the amount of "Lives", when the perk "Respawn" is active.
SavePosHealthPickup = true ( true/false ) If true, your respawn position will be saved when you pick up a heart, orb, or perk, which increases your maximum HP.
RespawnPositionX = 230 Respawn Position X
RespawnPositionY = -100Respawn Position Y

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If you are having trouble, test whether re-enabling the mod or reinstalling Noita will help.