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Adds new effects to over 40 in-game projectile wands, with wind effects and increased particles.

* Increased life time on particles.
* Changed fake particles into real interactive particles that collide with the world.
* Added windy effects on many of the spells, they will create a nice looking trail of the projectile.
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Tired of the boring looks of the vanilla spells? 

Spice things up with the Realistic particle behavior mod.
Previously known as "Noita RP mod". It has been rewritten to work with the latest end game epilogue update and to fix bugs and glitches from the previous version.


* Over 40 spells reworked to feature a much nicer looking particle effects.
* Add wind effects to most of the spells, making the decorative particles blow around in the wind.
* Increased life time on the particle effects so they can linger in the air for a longer duration of time.
* Swapped "Fake particles" with "real" particles so they can collide accordingly with terrain, objects and even the player.
* Reworked "loose ground" parameters to have more dirt crumbling from the walls and roof after a big explosion for a more immersive, realistic experience.

Over 50+ hours of work was put into this mod and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did making it!


1: Download mod.
2: Extract the folder from the zip into the "mods" folder in the noita game directory.
3: Launch the game and enable the mod in the "mods" section of the main menu.
4: Enjoy.

This mod is also available in the steam workshop.
Just search for "Noita Realistic Particles Behavior Mod" in the workshop and click "subscribe".


Q: Will this mod count as cheating?
A: No, absolutely not. This is strictly ONLY a visual mod. It does not alter any of the damage, health, ai, or any other gameplay parameters.  

Q: Will this kill performance?
A: Even with the increased life time and amount of particles, the mod is gentle in the performance department. You should be able to run this just fine.

Q: Will it work with other mods?
A: The mod will work fine along side other mods.  This mod only affects the vanilla spells. If you download other spells mods, then they will be added separately from my mod.

Q: Will you update this mod in the future?
A: If there are any bugs reported or any future updates from the Noita devs then yes. I will keep it up to-date.