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Adds four different lightsabers, based on Obi-wan, Vader and Maul's hilts and blade colors, to your inventory, now with deflecting shields.

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Adds four lightsabers in the form of custom wands to your inventory:
Darth Maul's double bladed red saber;
Darth Vader's red saber;
Obi-wan Kenobi's first saber;
Obi-wan Kenobi's third saber;

Each wand has a custom spell, which is the blade of the saber itself. The blade behaves essentially like the Luminous Drill spell, and will remain active as long as the spell is being cast. It also behaves like the lightsabers seen in movies, producing small explosions with sparks whenever it touchs solid materials or enemies.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Added an invisible shield to all wands, being a 90 degrees one for the single bladed sabers, and a 270 degrees one for the double bladed saber. The shield behaves essentially like the Shield Sector spell, following the direction you are currently pointing, and will be visible whenever an enemy projectile hit it. For now, the shield will not trigger together with the blade itself, but will remain active while you use the wand.

The shield is located around the middle portion of the blade of all sabers.

Mod uploaded.

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